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What is the WFM Full Form?

WFM Full Form
WFM Full Form
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WFM Full Form in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

WFM meaning in Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, whatsapp, and Instagram is “Work For Me” it is commonly used in social media.

WFM Full Form is Waveform Monitor

WFM stands for Waveform Monitor. This monitor is used to measure the voltage of a video signal with respect to time. It is a special type of oscilloscope which is used in TV production applications. WFM can be used for various purposes like calibration of video cameras, line up in multiple-camera setup, film to tape transfer, color correction, troubleshoot studio setup, installation of television facility, used in research and development, and test equipment. It can be used with other devices like vectorscope and it is an analog device.

WFM Full Form is Wired for Management

WFM stands for Wired for Management. WFM was developed by the Intel in 1990 and now it considered obsolete. It is a hardware-based system that is used to access and install the software in a new build PC. It accesses the PC hard drive and installs the software. It is also used to access the PC remotely and also used to update the software of any PC remotely. Preboot Execution Environment and Wake on Lan(WOL) standards are included in Wired For Management.

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WFM Full Form is Wideband Frequency Modulation

WFM stands for Wideband Frequency Modulation. WFM is a type of encoding in which the frequency of the waveform is changed. WFM technology and its term are used in both signal processing and telecom. In this analog-type encoding, the difference between center frequency and the carrier frequency is proportional to the modulating signal. Digital signals can be transmitted with the same encoding type with predefined rules.

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WFM Full Form is Western Federation of Miners

WFM stands for the Western Federation of Miners. WFM was established in 1893 in the United States of America and Canada. It was gained popularity by militancy in the areas of the mine. It was a radical labor union in the USA and Canada. Later it was merged into United Steelworkers and Canadian Auto Workers. It was affiliated with Industrial Workers of the World, American Federation of Labor, Western Labor Union, and Congress of Industrial Organizations. It was dissolved in 1993.

WFM Full Form is Whole Foods Market

WFM stands for Whole Foods Market. Its official name is Whole Foods Market Inc. Its a supermarket chain in the United States of America and its headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. It was established in 1980 and its founders were John Mackey, Renee Hardy-Lawson, Mark Skiles, and Craig Weller. It has stores at more than 500 locations around the USA. It is also serving in the United Kingdom and Canada.

WFM Full Form is World Federalist Movement

WFM stands for World Federalist Movement. WFM was formed in 1930 and it belongs to civil society. The purpose of this movement is to promote Federalism, International relations, and International Democracy. WFM movement still exists and active in major developed countries worldwide. It has around 30,000 to 50,000 agents worldwide and they meet after every two years.

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WFM Full Form is Woman FIDE Master

WFM stands for Woman FIDE Master. It is the title given by FIDE and the minimum score to avail this title is 2100. FIDE stands for Fédération Internationale des Échecs. In the English language its called World Chess Federation.

WFM Full Form is Workforce Management

WFM stands for Workforce Management. WFM is also called Workforce assets management, HRM system, or a part of the ERP system. It is an organizational process to optimize the competency and performance level of an organization. WFM process is consists of all the activities like recruiting, budgeting, data collection, analytics, forecasting, scheduling, HRM, etc. It also includes field service management, performance, and training management.

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