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CAA Full Form

CAA Full Form
CAA Full Form
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CAA Full Form is Citizenship Amendment Act

CAA stands for Citizenship Amendment Act. Indian parliament had passed the CAA on 12 December 2019 and its the amendment of the Indian Act of Citizenship 1955. It is the first Act of Citizenship in which religion is base whereas India claim as a secular state. The ruling party of India BJP has made his promise that was in their election manifesto. They have fulfilled their promise via passing this bill.

CAA Full Form is Clean Air Act

CAA stands for Clean Air Act. Clean Air Act was designed by the three countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. CAA was designed to control the air pollution of their country at the national level. The UK passed this law in 1956, the USA was designed this law in 1963 and New Zealand implemented this law in 1972. These will comprehensively improve the quality of air in these countries.

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CAA Full Form is Civil Aviation Authority

CAA stands for Civil Aviation Authority. It is established by each country to deal with the aviation-related matters. Every government has established CAA under government law and as a government body. CAA is responsible for the aircraft registration and regulation of aviation.

CAA Full Form is Colonial Athletic Association

CAA stands for Colonial Athletic Association. It is established in 1979 and affiliated with National Collegiate Athletic Association – Division I. It is a collegiate athletic conference and its headquarters located in Richmond, Virginia. It is located on the east coast states of the United States of America. Most public universities are members of this organization.

CAA Full Form is Creative Artists Agency

CAA stands for Creative Artists Agency. Its official name is Creative Artists Agency LLC and established in 1975. Its headquarters located in Los Angles, California, United States of America. Its an American talent and sports agency. CAA is the topmost dominant company in the field of talent. It gets 10% as a fee from its client from the payment they get from their employers.

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CAA Full Form is Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy

CAA stands for Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy. Angiopathy is a term used for the disease of blood vessels. CAA is a type of angiopathy. In CAA amyloid beta-peptide gather in the small and medium blood vessels of the meninges and central nervous system. CAA causes are unknown and can be diagnosed with the help of PET Scan and CT Scan. It can be treated with the help of physical therapy and speech therapy.

CAA Full Form is Certification Authority Authorization

CAA stands for Certification Authority Authorization and also called DNS Certification Authority Authorization. CAA is an Internet security policy system. It permits domain name holders to show to certificate authorities that they are authorized to show a digital certificate for a specific domain name.

CAA Full Form is Confederation of African Athletics

CAA stands for the Confederation of African Athletics. In the French language its called Confédération Africaine d’Athlétisme. CAA is the continental association for the sport of athletics in Africa. This organization is the main organizer of the African Championships in Athletics and also other types of competitions related to athletics. Its headquarters is located in Dakar, Senegal.

CAA Full Form is Canadian Automobile Association

CAA stands for Canadian Automobile Association. In the French language its called Association Canadienne Des Automobilistes. This organization was established in 1913 and its headquarters is located in Ottawa, Canada. Its eights regional non-profit automobile organization in Canda. This organization is acting like and advocate for the drivers and travellers around the country. It’s lobbying for the rights of travellers and vehicle users during urban planning.

CAA Full Form is Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation

CAA stands for Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation. In English language CAA called African Aviation Company. This company was established in 1991 in Congo. Its IATA airline code is BU and its fleet size is five with twenty destinations. It is banned in the European Union due to safety and security reasons. It is based on N’djili Airport in Kinshasa.

CAA Full Form is Canadian Avalanche Association

CAA stands for Canadian Avalanche Association. It is a Canadian based nonprofit organization established in 1981. It provides support to avalanche practitioners in Canada. CAA supports the people in various ways like organizes the training courses, provides information systems, and also ensure the safety standards in avalanche safety programs.

CAA Full Form is Canyon Athletic Association

CAA stands for Canyon Athletic Association. CAA is an American based nonprofit regulatory organization. Formerly it is known as Arizona Charter Athletic Association. Its main objective is to organize the competition related to athletic in Arizona state of the USA among the secondary schools.

CAA Full Form is Campaign Against Antisemitism

CAA stands for Campaign Against Antisemitism. It is non governmental organisation and it was formed in 2014 in United Kingdom. It’s headquarters is located in London, UK. CAA has the motto “Justice, justice you shall pursue”. CAA was established in 2014 after the Israel and Gaza conflict because rate of incident in antisemitic was increased at dangerous level.

CAA Full Form is Commission for Academic Accreditation

CAA stands for Commission for Academic Accreditation. CAA is United Arab Emirates based agency established in 1999 and its headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi. It is federal government quality assurance agency regarding higher education in UAE. CAA main objective is to increase the quality of education in higher education across the UAE.

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CAA Full Form is Commonwealth Association of Architects

CAA stands for Commonwealth Association of Architects. This association was established in 1965 to represent the architects belongs to commonwealth countries. It design the architect courses and send to institution who are conducting architect training to consolidate their course contents. Now a days 34 member countries of commonwealth are the on CAA panel.

CAA Full Form is Council on African Affairs

CAA stands for the Council of African Affairs. It is an American based volunteer organization and it was established in 1937. CAA was formerly known as International Committee on African Affairs (ICAA). This volunteer council emerged as the leading voice of anti-colonialism and Pan-Africanism in the United States of America and internationally before the Cold War between USA and Russia.

CAA Full Form is Computational AeroAcoustics

CAA stands for Computational AeroAcoustics. It is the field of aeroacoustics that studies the noise generation from the turbulent flow through numerical method and analyse them. In publication Hardin and Lamkin this computational aeroacoustics term was introduced in middle of 1980’s. Later in 1986 the term CAA was introduced by the same author.

CAA Full Form is Coventry Arena

CAA stands for Coventry Arena. It is a railway station in England, United Kingdom. It is also known as Coventry Arena Railway Station and its station code is CAA. It has two platforms and managed by the West Midland Trains company. It is located near to Ricoh Arena so it provides the park and ride facility due to stadium parking.

CAA Full Form is Cuban Adjustment Act

CAA stands for the Cuban Adjustment Act. This is federal of United States of America public law 89-732 and it came into action on 2 November 1966. This law was signed by USA President Lyndon Jhonson. This law gives authority to give permanent resident to all the native citizen of Cuba who migrates to the USA after 1 January 1959 and have 1-year stay in the USA are eligible for permanent resident.

CAA Full Form is China Academy of Art

CAA stands for China Academy of Art. It is also known as China National Academy of Fine Arts. Ministry of Culture of China is controlling this college. CAA was established in 1928 in Hangzhou and it was the first degree awarding college and university in China.

CAA Full Form is College Art Association

CAA stands for College Art Association. Its also called College Art Association of America and it was established in 1911. This organisation is for the students, professionals and other people who belongs to visual arts. Basically the role of this organisation is to promote the visual art with the help of different type of public engagements.

CAA Full Form is Civil Aeronautics Administration

CAA stands for Civil Aeronautics Administration. Civil Aeronautics Administration name has two countries division regarding the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.

Civil Aeronautics Administration is the Government of China agency in Taiwan. It is responsible for all the activities related to civil aviation. It is operated the 18 passenger terminals on the airports.

Civil Aeronautics Administration in the United States of America. It is also called the Civil Aeronautics Authority and the Civil Aeronautics Act. It was formed under the Civil Aeronautics Act 1938 of the USA.

CAA Full Form is Center for Army Analysis

CAA stands for Center for Army Analysis. It is the branch of army of United States of America and it is research and development type of organisation. It’s headquarters located in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. It is working under the Deputy Chief of Staff G-8. Previously it’s known as US Army’s Center for Strategy and Force Evaluation.

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CAA Full Form is Cyprus Automobile Association

CAA stands for Cyprus Automobile Association. It was established in 1933 as a non profit organisation. Its headquarters located in Nicosia, Cyprus. This organisation governed by the elected council body. Turkish name of this organisation is Kıbrıs Otomobil Federasyonu. In Greek language its known as Κυπριακός Σύνδεσμος Αυτοκινήτου.

CAA Full Form is Center for American Archeology

CAA stands for the Center for American Archeology. It is a non-profit independent research and education institution. Its located near the Illinois River, in Kampsville, Illinois, United States of America. This is an institution to study the exploration of the culture of prehistoric native Americans.

CAA Full Form is California Alumni Association

CAA stands for California Alumni Association. It is also called the Cal Alumni Association and it provides all California graduates with rewarding connections to the University, to fellow alumni and current students. California University students were established in 1872. It connects half a million, alumni around the world.

CAA Full Form is Cat Aficionado Association

CAA stands for Cat Aficionado Association. CAA was established in 2001 and it is a Chinese association. It served in China and its the largest registry of pedigreed cats. Its an internationally recognized association with the American Cat Fanciers Association. Its headquarters is located in Beijing, China.

CAA Full Form is Computer-Aided Auscultation

CAA stands for Computer-Aided Auscultation. It is also known as computerized assisted auscultation. CAA is the digitised form of auscultation. Commercially these devices are called clinical decision support system. CAA includes recording of sound, storage, analysis, sharing and visualisation. It is used for the recording of sound of lungs and heart beats.

CAA Full Form is Central African Airways

CAA stands for Central African Airways. It is the flag carrier airline of Northern and Southern Rhodisia and Nyasa land. This was established in 1946 and stop his operation in 1967. Its headquarters was in Salisbury, Southern Rhodisia with 15 aircraft fleet. Its IATA code is CE and ICAO code is CAA.

CAA Full Form is Civil Aviation Agency (Latvia)

CAA stands for Civil Aviation Agency. It is Latvian Civil Aviation Authority and in the Latvian language its called Civilās aviācijas aģentūra. CAA headquarters is located near the Riga International Airport. It is working under the command of the Aviation Department of Ministry of Transport.

CAA Full Form is Civil Aviation Agency (Slovenia)

CAA stands for Civil Aviation Agency. It is working as the Civil Aviation Authority of Slovenia. Its headquarters is located in Ljubljana which is the capital and the largest city of Slovenia. In the Slovenian language its called Javna agencija za civilno letalstvo Republike Slovenije.

CAA Full Form is Canadian Archeological Association

CAA stands for Canadian Archeological Association. It was established in 1968 and it is the basic archaeological organisation in Canada.

CAA Full Form is Cycle Action Auckland

CAA stands for Cycle Action Auckland. It is also known as Bike Auckland and it is the advocacy group in Auckland, New Zealand. CAA is affiliated with Cycling Action Network and this group increases the funding for cycling infrastructure and recreational activities.

CAA Full Form is Combined Agents of America

CAA stands for Combined Agents of America. Its official name is Combined Agents of America, LLC. CAA is located in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. It is consisting of the 68 insurance companies.

CAA Full Form is Concert Artistes Association

CAA stands for Concert Artistes Association. This association is the theatre artist benevolent association and it was established in 1897 in United Kingdom. CAA headquarters is located in London, UK.

CAA Full Form is China Automobile Association

CAA stands for China Automobile Association later its also called CAAM stands for China Association of Automobile Manufacturer. This association was established in 1987 and its a social organisation. Its an approved organisation from the Ministry of Civil Affair’s of the China. It is non profit organisation with more than 2000 members in automobile industry.

CAA Full Form is Children’s Air Ambulance

CAA stands for Children’s Air Ambulance. Children Air Ambulance was formed in 2005 and its a charity organization. It is used for the airlift of seriously ill children from one hospital to another hospital. It is a UK based organization and it also provides services in transporting the specialist team and related equipment to the places where seriously sick children are needed.

CAA Full Form is Carinthian Astronomical Association

CAA stands for Carinthian Astronomical Association. In German language its called Astronomische Vereinigung Kärntens (AVK). It is the second-largest Austrian based astronomical association. This association owns 1 planetarium and 2 observatories.

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