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CAB Full Form
CAB Full Form
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CAB Full Form is Citizenship Amendment Bill

CAB stands for Citizenship Amendment Bill. This bill was presented in the Indian parliament on 09 December 2019 and passed this bill by the Indian parliament on Lock Sabha 10 December 2019. On 11 December 2019 CAB was passed by the Rajya Sabha in the Indian parliament. It was presented in the Indian parliament by the Amit Shah Home Minister of India. It has been signed this bill and become the act of the Indian Government. It is the first act of Indian Government which is based on religion. Muslims are excluded from this bill. Muslims are feeling insecure in India after this act.

CAB Full Form is Certified Angus Beef

CAB stands for Certified Angus Beef. It is the standard of beef. Angus is the breed used for the meat and its a Scottish small beef cattle. It is the most popular beef breed in the United Kingdom. This breed is also called Aberdeen Angus. Certified Angus Beef standards were defined as the American Angus Association in 1978. The aim of this standard is to promote the Angus meat in society because it shows that its a high standard beef breed.

CAB Full Form is Church Administration Building

CAB stands for Church Administration Building. This is located in Salt Lake City, Utah of the United States of America. CAB is the administrative office building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is also known as LDS Church or Mormon Church. CAB groundbreaking was carried out in 1914 and this building was completed in 1917. This is the 4th largest distinct Christian governing body in the USA.

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CAB Full Form is Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting

CAB stands for Cooperative Analysis of Broadcasting. It was established in 1930 by the Archibald Crossley. CAB is used to check the volume of the audience for radio or TV. CAB is basically an audience measurement system.

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CAB Full Form is Cambodia Asia Bank

CAB stands for Cambodia Asia Bank. CAB is the LLC Bank of Cambodia. This bank is based in the capital and largest city Phnom Penh, Cambodia. This bank has many branches nationwide. CAB offers many financial services like personal loans, foreign remittances, saving accounts, etc.

CAB Full Form is Canadian Association of Broadcasters

CAB stands for the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. CAB is the trade association of Canada. It was established in 1926 to protect the interests of Radio and television broadcasters in Canada. Its headquarters is located in Ottawa, Ontario.

CAB Full Form is Citizens Advice Bureau

CAB stands for the Citizens Advice Bureau. Nowadays its called Citizens Advice and its a charitable organization in the United Kingdom. It was established in 1939 and Its also known as Cyngor ar Both. This organization provides services to the people of the UK in the field of legal, consumer, money, and other issues. They provide information and assist the people regarding various problems free of cost. They provide assistance to the people of UK with the help of telephone, face to face, email and webchat. Its headquarters is located in London.

CAB Full Form is Combat Action Badge

CAB stands for Combat Action Badge. This is the reward of the United States of America military. This award can be presented to any military person except infantry and special forces. It was started in 2005 and still awarded to USA soldiers. It is awarded for the soldiers who are being engaged or actively engaged by the enemy and performing satisfactorily in accordance with the prescribed rule of engagement after 2 September 2001.

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CAB Full Form is Combat Aviation Brigade

CAB stands for Combat Aviation Brigade. This is the United States of America’s multi-functional brigade. This USA Army unit has military helicopters, apache helicopter, Black Hawk and Chinook. This unit is using these helicopters for attack and medium and heavy airlifts.

CAB Full Form is Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro

CAB stands for the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro. It is the final peace agreement between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippine Government. This agreement was signed in the year of 2014 at the Malacañang Palace in Manila, Philippine. According to this agreement, the MILF will decommission its armed wing known as BIAF (Bangsamoro Islamic Armed Forces). So that MILF is also agreed to deposit their firearms to third parties on which they are already agreed.

CAB Full Form is Credito Agrario Bresciano

CAB stands for Credito Agrario Bresciano. It was an Italian based bank and it was established in 1883. Its headquarters were in Brescia, Italy. This bank was merged with the Banca San Paolo di Brescia and establish the Banca Lombarda Group in 1998. It is working on retail banking services.

CAB Full Form is Criminal Assets Bureau

CAB stands for the Criminal Assets Bureau. In the Irish language its called An Biúró um Shócmhainní Coiriúla. It is Ireland based law enforcement agency. It was established in 1996 and its headquarters is located in Dublin which is the capital and largest city of Ireland. It was formed to acquire the assets of criminals who are involved in critical criminal activities.

CAB Full Form is Cabochon

CAB stands for Cabochon. It is a gemstone that has been shaped like flathead and geometrical shapes. The cabochon is the method of preparing gemstones.

CAB Full Form is Comic Arts Brooklyn

CAB stands for Comic Arts Brooklyn. It is an art book fair and comic book festival. CAB was established in 2013 and later it becomes Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. CAB is organized by Desert Island which is a big comic book store. This festival is organized on an annual basis. Gabriel Fowler was the owner of Desert Island and he has established the CAB. CAB has focused on the alternative comic, Independent and self-published comic books.

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CAB Full Form is Change Advisory Board

CAB stands for Change Advisory Board. CAB provides support to change management. This can provide assistance by assessment, prioritizing of changes, and advising on requested changes. This board consists of business representatives and IT experts.

CAB Full Form is Choose And Book

CAB stands for Choose And Book. CAB is an E-Booking software application for outpatient in England. This application serves the National Health Service for booking the outpatient to book the date and time of their required hospital. This was implemented in 2005 and onward. The NHS E-Referral Service has replaced the Choose and Book software in 2015.

CAB Full Form is Club Atlético Banfield

CAB stands for Club Atlético Banfield. It is an Argentine based club situated in Banfield, Buenos Aires. Banfield football team is a well-known team and this sports club was established in the year of 1896. CAB is also known as El Taladro. There are other sports also available in this club like tennis, volleyball, boxing, futsal, field hockey, handball, roller skating, gymnastics, and chess. This club was established by the British origin settlers in the Banfield.

CAB Full Form is Club Atlético Belgrano

CAB stands for Club Atlético Belgrano. This is a sports club that is recognized by his football team. CAB is also known as simply Belgrano and it is located in the Córdoba city of Argentine. This club was established in 1905.

CAB Full Form is CA Bizertin

CAB stands for CA Bizertin. CAB is a sports club in Bizerte, Tunisia. It was established as a football club in 1928. CAB has been won many awards from Nationwide competitions and also from African origin competitions. This club four-time champion of Tunisian league, One time champion of Tunisian League Cup, and it won the Tunisian cup 3 times. In the year of 1988 CAB won the CAF Cup Winner’s Cup. This club is also known as Les Requins du Nord and in the English language its called The Northern Sharks.

CAB Full Form is Cricket Association of Bengal

CAB stands for the Cricket Association of Bengal. CAB is the governing body of cricket in West Bengal, India. Mr. Sourave Ganguly former captain of the Indian team was also the President of CAB during the period of 2015 to 2019. After this, He became the President to BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India). It was established in 1928 near the Eden Garden cricket stadium of Kolkata, India.

CAB Full Form is Curaçao Athletics Association

CAB stands for Curaçao Athletics Association. This is the association for the look after of athletics-related matters in Curaçao. It was established in 1966 and its headquarter is located in the capital of the country Willemstad.

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