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NRC Full Form
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NRC Full Form is National Register of Citizens

NRC stands for National Register of Citizens. As per the 2003 amendment in the citizenship act of 1955, the Indian Government is implementing the National Register of Citizens. According to NRC, all the legal citizens of India are registered, and others who are not registered are considered to be illegal and needs to be deported in their parent countries. It is initially implemented in Assam and this creates too much complications for the Indian citizens. Especially minorities are too much affected by this NRC. After this India Government have passed the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act). It creates controversy in the country and Muslims are feeling insecure in India due to NRC and then CAA. Because NRC will filter out the Indian Muslims and then CAA will stop their citizenship in India. The Indian Government is planning to implement the NRC in other parts of the country after the Assam state.

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NRC Full Form is Northern Regional College

NRC stands for Northern Regional College. NRC is third level educational college in the northern area of Ireland, UK. This institution has more than 7 campuses in the area.

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NRC Full Form is NRC School

NRC stands for NRC School. NRC School was established in 1950 in Mohone, Kalyan, Maharashtra, India. This school is affiliated with the Secondary School Certificate board. It has primary and secondary school academic programs. This school every year conducts sports and cultural activities.

NRC Full Form is National Research Centre

NRC stands for National Research Centre. NRC was established in 1956 in Dokki, Egypt for research and development in the country. It has worked in almost every field of life like agriculture, biology, chemistry, engineering, genetics, and medicine. NRC is affiliated with the Ministry of Scientific Research. This centre have 14 divisions and 111 departments.

NRC Full Form is National Research Council (Canada)

NRC stands for National Research Council (Canada).

NRC Full Form is National Research Council of Sri Lanka

NRC stands for the National Research Council of Sri Lanka. It is a national funding organization and it was established in 1999. It was formed on the presidential order of Sri Lanka and its headquarters is located in Colombo. This institution is affiliated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research. The main goal of this council is to assist the government in planning research and technology.

NRC Full Form is Nokia Research Center

NRC stands for Nokia Research Center. NRC is also called Nokia Bell Labs. It is the research and development body of Nokia. It has many engineers working to solve the problems which are still not exists. Nokia Bell Labs have many relations with the American Telephone and Telegraph company (AT&T) and Western Electric company. Nokia Bell Labs have remarkable and extraordinary engineers which develop the plenty of components and equipment to meet the challenges of modern world needs.

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NRC Full Form is National Research Council

NRC stands for National Research Council. Now a days its called National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. It was established as the National Academy of Sciences in 1863 and later in 1916 it was established as the National Research Council. Its official language is English. Health professionals, Scientists and engineers can avail the membership of National Research Council.

NRC Full Form is National Resource Center

NRC stands for National Resource Center. NRC is American based education program. According to this program US Department of Education provides funding to the American Universities. The object of this funding is to strengthen, establish, and operate language and area or international study centres. The international study centers that are teaching any modern foreign language.

NRC Full Form is National Resource Center for Health Information Technology

NRC stands for the National Resource Center for Health Information Technology. NRC has been established in 2004 by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in the United States of America. The main objective of NRC is to provide support to health care units to implement information technology in the health care department. NRC also looks after the knowledge sharing among all the projects running under their supervision.

NRC Full Form is Norwegian Refugee Council

NRC stands for the Norwegian Refugee Council. In the Norwegian language its called Flyktninghjelpen. NRC is a non-governmental and humanitarian organization. The purpose of this organization is to protect the rights of all the people who are displaced due to any reason in the world. It was established in 1946 and its headquarters is located in Oslo, Norway. The motto of this organization is “Rights respected and people protected”.

NRC Full Form is Russia–NATO relations

NRC stands for Russia–NATO Relations. These relations were establish in 1991 between the allies of NATO and Russia. These relation strengthen the relation further between two parties further in 1994 when Russia join the Partnership for Peace process. So that Russia and NATO have signed many agreements. These relations increased the confidence between parties and Russia was willing to join NATO in 2000.

NRC Full Form is Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRC stands for Nuclear Regulatory Commission. It is the United States of America independent agency and it was established in 1975 by the US Government under the Energy Reorganization Act 1974. Its headquarters is located in Maryland, USA. The objective of this agency is to protect the public health and safety related to nuclear energy. It has many functions like overseeing reactor security and safety, managing reactor licensing and renewal, licensing radioactive materials, radionuclide safety, and security, and managing the security, storage, recycling, and disposal of spent fuel.

NRC Full Form is National Republican Convention

NRC stands for National Republican Convention. This is the political party of Nigeria. The government of General Ibrahim Babangida was formed this party. The party was formed with the help of merging three main parties. This party was formed to cater the some conservative leaning of some Nigerians. It was popular in the northern and eastern states. In 1993 the party was disbanded by then military establishment of General Sani Abacha.

NRC Full Form is National Redemption Council

NRC stands for National Redemption Council. The NRC is the form of military government in Ghana. Colonel I. K. Acheampong was formed this government in 1972 to 1975 in Ghana and he was the Chairman of Ghana during that time. This government was formed by that time top level officials of the country like head of armed forces, IG Police, attorney genera of that time and other civilians.

NRC Full Form is Noise reduction coefficient

NRC stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient. NRC value shows the average sound absorption of a material. It shows the single digit value from 0.0 to 1.0. The least value of 0.0 shows that the material does not absorb the mid frequency sound but reflect the sound from that material.

NRC Full Form is Normal Retinal Correspondence

NRC stands for Normal Retinal Correspondence. NRC is the binocular condition in which both foveas act together. They work together as retinal corresponding point. The resultant images fused in the brain area of occipital cortex.

NRC Full Form is National Rugby Championship

NRC stands for National Rugby Championship. NRC is an Australian based Rugby competition which is a nationwide competition. A total of eight teams participating in this competition, seven teams will join this competition from Australia and one team will join from Fiji. This sports event was 1st time that starts in 2014. Rugby Australia is managing this event.

NRC Full Form is Newbury Racecourse

NRC stands for Newbury Racecourse. This racecourse is located in Newbury town of England. In this racecourse racing events are arranged. Its have courses for both types of racing like over jump racing and flat racing. 1st time this racecourse has arranged the race in 1905.

NRC Full Form is Nigel Reo-Coker

NRC stands for Nigel Reo-Coker. His full name is Nigel Shola Andre Reo-Coker and he is born on 14 May 1984. NRC is a professional footballer in England and nowadays he is playing as a free agent. He is playing football as a midfielder. He was born in London but he spent his early six years in Sierra Leon. NRC studied in Riddlesdown High School in Purley, London. In his club career, he played in Wimbledon, West Ham United, Aston Villa, Bolton Wanderers, Ipswich Town, Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Chivas USA, Montreal Impact, and Post-Major League Soccer. In his International career, he has played as captain of the U21 team of England in 2003. In the 2006 World Cup, he joined the team as standby midfielder.

NRC Full Form is No Remorse Corps

NRC stands for No Remorse Corps. It also abbreviated as N.R.C. NRC was a professional wrestling stable and It was active between 2007-2008 and then 2010 -2012. NRC has three members named Davey Richards, Rocky Romero, Roderick Strong.

NRC Full Form is Nottingham Rowing Club

NRC stands for Nottingham Rowing Club. This club was established in 2006 in West Bridgford, Nottingham. After the merger of two boating clubs named Nottingham Britannia Rowing Club which was established in 1869 and Nottingham Boat Club which was established in 1894. With the merging of these two boating clubs, they formed on rowing clubs. NRC is affiliated with British Rowing.

NRC Full Form is Nature Reviews Cancer

NRC stands for Nature Reviews Cancer. NRC is monthly journal and it covers the oncology related issues. This is belongs to cancer research discipline and it covers in English language. It start in 2001 under the Nature Publishing Group.

NRC Full Form is Netherlands Reformed Congregations

NRC stands for Netherlands Reformed Congregations. The NRC aims to remain true to the Bible and its Reformed heritage as expounded in the denomination’s doctrinal standards like Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Catechism, and Canons of Dort. They are also in agreement with the Westminster Standards. It is a conservative denomination in the USA, Canada, and Bolivia.

NRC Full Form is New Roc City

NRC stands for New Roc City. It was opened in 1999 by the New Roc Associates. It is also known as New Rochelle Center. This complex consists of retail complex, entertainment complex and residential area. It is located in the downtown section of city of New Rochelle in Westchester County, New York. The name of the developer of NRC is Cappelli.

NRC Full Form is Nigerian Railway Corporation

NRC stands for Nigerian Railway Corporation. This railway is state owned in Nigeria. NRC have special rights for railway operation in the country. This corporation many time face the bankruptcy and the main reason was found is poor management. NRC have lot of employee but have no maintenance backup.

NRC Full Form is NRC Handelsblad

NRC stands for NRC Handelsblad. It is abbreviated as NRC and it is daily evening newspaper in Netherlands. This newspaper is published in Dutch language by NRC media . It has no Sunday edition and its format is 41.7CM x 28CM. It was established in 1970 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. NRC have liberalism as a political views.

NRC Full Form is USA Cycling National Racing Calendar

NRC stands for USA Cycling National Racing Calendar. This is road cycling annual competition held in the United States of America. This event is sponsored by the USA Cycling is is also called USAC. It was formed in the year of 2000 in United States of America. This competition is open for all from any origin but for professional cyclists.

NRC Full Form is National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association

NRC stands for National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association. It is a trade association established in 1978 as a non profit organisation and its headquarters in New Jersey, USA. The purpose of this organisation is to Advocate, educator, lobbying, public voice, research, safety & efficiency of railroad construction industry. This association is belongs to rail road and rail transit construction industry.

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