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What is the ZIP Full Form

ZIP Full Form
Zip full form, Zip meaning, Zip stands for, Zip definition, Zip file, Unzip,
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ZIP Full Form is Zone Information Protocol

ZIP meaning is Zone Information Protocol. The zone is the subdivision of any network, area, organization, etc. Basically, zones are the parts of a big or whole object. ZIP is the network protocol and in this protocol zone is the logical grouping of nodes in Appletalk which are associated with the zone name. In the OSI model ZIP is the session layer protocol. This protocol was developed by the Apple computers for the local area network and it is used for sending requests to the router for zone information.

ZIP Full Form is the Zone Improvement Plan

ZIP meaning is Zone Improvement Plan. It is also known as Zip code which is used by the United States Postal Service that is called USPS. The first time in the year of 1963 it was introduced as 5 digit code and later in 1983, it was extended +4 more digits. The current format of the ZIP code is ZIP separated by colon sign (:) +4 digits of a specific location. With the help of this code mail delivered more efficiently and quickly. Nowadays these ZIP codes are translated into bar codes and with these bar codes the automated system of mail delivery acting more accurately. There are four types of ZIP codes like Unique, Military, Standard, and Post Office Box-only.

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