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AWW Full Form

AWW Full Form
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AWW Full Form is Algers, Winslow, and Western Railway

AWW meaning is Algers, Winslow, and Western Railway. It is the American Class III short-line railroad operating in Oakland City, Indiana, United States of America. AWW has started its operations in 1926 and still operating. The main purpose of this railroad is to provide facilities for surface mining operations in Pike County, Indiana. The track length of this railroad is 19 miles.

AWW Full Form is Antwerp Water Works

AWW stnads for Antwerp Water Works. In the Dutch language, it’s called Antwerpse Water Werken. AWW is providing the water supply to Antwerp city of Belgium and its surrounding. This company is earning a revenue of 100 million euro per year.

AWW Full Form is Avoid weasel words

AWW long-form is Avoid weasel words. There are some small words that are used at the beginning of sentences. Some of the words are critics say…. or some argue that….

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