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BSC Full Form

BSC Full Form
BSC Full Form
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BSC Full Form is Bachelor of Science

BSC stands for a Bachelor of Science. It’s an undergraduate educational degree. This program was the first time it started in 1860 by the University of London. It is the last three (3) to five (5) years of the program. Basically, the award of a degree depends on the rules of any university. Some universities offer a BSC degree for the arts programs and some universities also offer a BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree for the science programs.

BSC Full Form is Balanced ScoreCard

BSC stands for Balanced ScoreCard. It is a tool for the evaluation of strategic performance management. Managers can use this tool to track the execution of activities by the staff within their control and also monitor the results arising from these activities.

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BSC Full Form is Barcelona Sporting Club

BSC stands for Barcelona Sporting Club. It is an Ecuadorian sporting club located in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador. This club is known as the best football team in Ecuador. It was established in 1925 at the ground of Estadio Banco Pichincha.

BSC Full Form is Barcelona Supercomputing Center

BSC stands for Barcelona Supercomputing Center. In Spanish language its called Centro Nacional de Supercomputación. It is the 13th world’s largest public research center. This research center is located in Barcelona, Spain, and was established in 2005.

BSC Full Form is British Society of Cinematographers

BSC or B.S.C stands for the British Society of Cinematographers. Bert Easey was the founder of this society and it was founded in 1949. During the formation of BSC the there were a few main objectives like the setting of the highest level of standards for motion pictures, encouraging all people who are doing the same category of work, promoting the original work, and last but not the least increase level of social intercourse among the members.

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BSC Full Form is Binary Symmetric Channel

BSC stands for Binary Symmetric Channel. It is a type of common communication binary channel model which is used in coding theory and it is also used in information theory. This channel can transmit only 0 or 1 from both of them and the receiver can receive the transmitted bit.

BSC Full Form is Binary Synchronous Communications

BSC stands for Binary Synchronous Communication and it is also called Bisync. It is a type of character-oriented link protocol introduced by IBM in 1967. This is a half-duplex link protocol and it was introduced after the system/360 was launched into the market. Before the introduction of BSC synchronous transmit-receive (STR) was in the market and BSC has replaced the STR.

BSC Full Form is a Biological Safety Cabinet

BSC stands for Biological Safety Cabinet, Biosafety Cabinet, or Microbiological Safety Cabinet. These cabins came into the market in 1950 and they are used in the lab for safety from contaminated materials that can create disease. These cabins are worked as laboratory workplaces they are well ventilated and enclosed objects. There are various types of BSC available in the market according to their safety levels.

BSC Full Form is Base Station Controller

BSC stands for Base Station Controller. It is a module that is used to provide the intelligence behind the BTS (Base Transceiver Station). One BSC can control hundreds of BTS’s under his control. The BSC is responsible for handling the allocations of radio channels, receiving measurements from the cell phones, and handover to BTS’s from one BTS to another BTS. Basically, it’s a BTS to BTS switching center

BSC Full Form is Birmingham–Southern College

BSC stands for Birmingham–Southern College. This is a private college and established in 1856 in the Birmingham city of the state Alabama, United States of America. It is the oldest liberal art college in the USA and is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. This college is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

BSC Full Form is Bismarck State College

BSC stands for Bismarck State College. It is a public college in the capital Bismarck of North Dakota state of USA. It has more than three thousand students enrolled. This college was established in 1939 and affiliated with the University of North Dakota System.

BSC Full Form is Bluefield State College

BSC stands for Bluefield State College. This college was established in 1895 and is located in the area of Bluefield, West Virginia, United States of America. Historically this college is a black college and is a part of West Virginia’s public education system. BSC offers graduate and associate degrees. It is also known as the Bluefield Colored Institute.

BSC Full Form is Berkeley Student Cooperative

BSC stands for Berkeley Student Cooperative. It is also known as USCA (University Students’ Cooperative Association) and it was founded in 1933.

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BSC Full Form is Boston Scientific Corporation

BSC stands for Boston Scientific Corporation. It is also known as Boston Scientific and it is also doing business in the USA with Boston Scientific. It was founded in 1979 and has more than 3600 employees. It’s working in the field of medical devices. Its main products are a drug-eluting stent and Taxus Stent that are used to open the block arteries.

BSC Full Form is Bird Studies Canada

BSC stands for Bird Studies Canada. It is also known as Birds Canada. Birds Studies Canada was established in 1960 as Long Point Bird Observatory and later in 1998, it changed its name to Birds Studies Canada to highlight its scope of work. In 2019 again it was changed his name to Birds Canada.

BSC Full Form is British Security Coordination

BSC stands for British Security Coordination. BSC was the British covert organization in New York City. This was established in 1940 as approved by that time British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. It was under the control of the MI6 British Intelligence Agency. Its cover was the British Passport control office in New York City.

BSC Full Form is Biological Species Concept

BSC stands for Biological Species Concept. Ernst Mayr was built up this concept in the investigation of species. He has defined the Biological Species Concept, He said that a species consists of populations of organisms that can reproduce from one another and that are reproductively isolated from other populations, though he was not the first to define “species” on the basis of reproductive compatibility.

BSC Full Form is Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison

BSC stands for Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison. In English, it’s called Cargo Tracking Note. This is required for all import shipments in Africa regardless of the value of the transaction.

BSC Full Form is Berliner Sport-Club

BSC stands for Berliner Sport-Club and it is also called Berliner SC. It’s a German-based football club is in Berlin, Germany. It was founded in 1895 and owned the ground of Hubertus-Sportplatz.

BSC Full Form is The Baby-Sitters Club

BSC stands for Baby-Sitters Club. Baby-Sitters Club is a series of novels. BSC novels are written by Ann M. Martin and published between 1986 and 2000 by Scholastic. These novels are related to the group of friends who run a babysitters club in a fictional way. The number of members varies throughout the series. The complete novel was written in 1st person narrative.

BSC Full Form is British Steel Corporation

BSC stands for British Steel Corporation. BSC is one of the big steel producers in the UK. British Steel Corporation was established in 1967 and at that time it was nationalized in the UK. But later it was become a public limited company in 1988 and named British Steel plc. Later in 1999 merged with Koninklijke Hoogovens known as Koninklijke Nederlandse and make Corus Group.

BSC Full Form is Biological Stain Commission

BSC stands for Biological Stain Commission. Biological Stain Commission is an organization that provides 3rd party certification of dyes and testing facilities. These materials are used to refine contrast in samples examined in biological and medical laboratories.

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BSC Full Form is Bright Star Catalogue

BSC stands for Bright Star Catalogue. It is also called YBS, Yale Bright Star Catalogue, or Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars. It is a star catalog that lists all stars of stellar magnitude 6.5 or brighter, which is roughly every star visible to the naked eye from Earth.

BSC Full Form is British Standard Cycle

BSC stands for British Standard Cycle. It is a British screw thread standard in this standard thread runs sixty degrees instead of fifty-five degrees of angle. Basically, this standard is used for motorcycles and bicycles.

BSC Full Form is Big Sky Conference

BSC stands for Big Sky Conference. This conference is a collegiate athletic conference that is affiliated with National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCA) D-I (Division I. It is football competing in the FCS (Football Champion Subdivision). BSC has 11 full-time members from the western area of the United States of America.

BSC Full Form is Buffalo State College

BSC stands for Buffalo State College. Its a public college established in 1871 and located in Buffalo, New York. It is part of the State University of New York. This college was established as a school for the training of teachers.

BSC Full Form is Bryant & Stratton College

BSC stands for Bryant & Stratton College. This college was established in 1854 in Buffalo, New York, United States of America. It’s a private college and used as a business in education. It’s not a nonprofit. This college has more than 10,000 students.

BSC Full Form is Basic Spacing between Centers

BSC stands for Basic Spacing between Centers. This term is used in the drawing of the IC package. It shows the spacing between the pins of any IC package this is not fixed spacing it can be changed any time.

BSC Full Form is Black Stone Cherry

BSC stands for Black Stone Cherry. It is an American-based musical band and it was established in 2001. This band has released six studio-based albums and it has released the Family Tree album in 2018.

BSC Full Form is Bahrain Shareholding Company

BSC stands for Bahrain Shareholding Company. BSC is the closed type of shareholding company. Bahrain offers two types of shareholding companies public and private. It is a legal entity separate from its owner.

BSC Full Form is Bentleigh Secondary College

BSC stands for Bentleigh Secondary College. This college is a conventional type public high school and it was established in 1956 at Bentleigh East, Victoria, Australia. It has eight main building blocks like IT & Language Other Than English, J Block for 11 to 12-grade classrooms, Sports Stadium, Administration Block, Performing Arts center, VCE center, and science block.

BSC Full Form is Bohemian Sporting Club

BSC stands for Bohemian Sporting Club. It was established in 1910 in Manila, the Philippines for the development of football culture in the country. This club is one of the older clubs in the country. It is also called Bohemian SC and its full name is Bohemian Sporting Club Manila.

BSC Full Form is Broglio Space Center

BSC stands for Broglio Space Center. This space center was named after the 1st Italian space scientist Luigi Broglio. It’s an Italian-based space center located in Malindi, Kenya. This space center was established by NASA and Sapienza University of Rome’s Aerospace Research Centre in 1960. This center is used as a launching pad for the International and Italian satellites. This launch site is now inactive since 1988 after its last launch.

BSC Full Form is Basra Sports City

BSC stands for Basra Sports City. It was established in 2009 in the city of southern Iraq. This is an Iraqi Government project and this project has four and five-star hotels. Its main stadium has 65,000 capacity and other stadiums have 10,000 capacity.

BSC Full Form is British Sugar Corporation

BSC stands for British Sugar Corporation and it is also known as British Sugar. This company was established in 1936 under the name of British Sugar Corporation and in 1982 it was named British Sugar plc.

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