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BRA Full Form
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BRA Full Form is Belfast Royal Academy

BRA stands for Belfast Royal Academy. Belfast is the largest city and capital of Northern Ireland. BRA is the oldest school in the city of Belfast and the medium of education in this school is co-education with the nonreligious specifications. Around 1400 students are attending this school between the age of 11 to 18. This school was established in 1785 by James Crombie.

BRA Full Form is Bougainville Revolutionary Army

BRA means is Bougainville Revolutionary Army. It is the secessionist group in Bougainville and was formed in 1988. This group worked for their independence from Papua New Guinea. Francis Ona is the leader of this group and fight for 10 years with the PNG defense forces. Bougainville got independence in 1989 with the help of Australian defense forces.

BRA Full Form is Brigadier, Royal Artillery

BRA long-form is Brigadier, Royal Artillery. It is known as Commander, Royal Artillery in the 20th century. It is the military appointment in Commonwealth infantry and armored divisions. BRA is the senior artillery officer who commanded the regiments of field, anti-tank artillery, and anti-aircraft.

BRA Full Form is Boston Redevelopment Authority

BRA definition is Boston Redevelopment Authority. It is also known as Boston Planning & Development Agency. BRA is operating as municipal planning and development agency in Boston. It is a Massachusetts public agency working for housing and commercial developments.

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BRA Full Form is British Records Association

We can define BRA as British Records Association. It is a learning society in London, the UK that was established in 1932 as a charity organization. The main purpose of this organization is to collect and maintain archives and historic records.

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