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What is the CFA Full Form

CFA Full Form
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CFA Full Form is a Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA meaning is a Chartered Financial Analyst. The US-based program of the CFA Institute for Investment and Finance Professionals is a worldwide certification for graduate students. Global financial qualification laws and regulations are widely recognized. The program covers a wide range of subjects related to advanced investment analysis, statistics, probability theory, financial analysis, corporate finance, fixed income, and investment analysis. Securities, derivatives, economics, alternative investments, and portfolio management, as well as general knowledge of other areas

CFA Full Form is the Canadian Football Act

CFA stands for Canadian Football Act. This act was passed in 1974 by the Canadian parliament for the development of the Canadian Football League in the country. It is also known as An Act of respecting Canadian Professional Football.

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CFA Full Form is a Conditional Fee Agreement

We can define CFA as a Conditional Fee Agreement. Under the uniform law, this type of conditional fee agreement is allowed in the provinces of Victoria and New South Wales Australia.

CFA Full Form is California Faculty Association

CFA meaning is the California Faculty Association. It was established in 1983 and its head office is located in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Service Employees, the International Union, and the American Association of University Professors are affiliated with the CFA.

CFA Full Form is Call For Action

CFA stands for Call For Action. Call For Action is a call centre that was used by many radio stations in the United States from the 1960s to the 1970s. Callers can contact the station via a dedicated hotline to report users or possible problems to local authorities. Investigate the problem and try to solve it.

CFA Full Form is Campaign for Accountability

CFA definition is Campaign for Accountability. It was established in 2015 by Anne Weismann and its headquarters is located in Washington DC, United States of America. According to the CFA, the aim of this group is to use research, aggressive communications, and litigation to expose misconduct and malfeasance in public life.

CFA Full Form is Consumer Federation of America

CFA definition is the Consumer Federation of America. CFA is a nonprofit organization for the interest of consumers that was established in 1968. The purpose of this NGO is to research, advocate, education, and service the consumers.

CFA Full Form is Consumers’ Federation of Australia

CFA long-form is the Consumers’ Federation of Australia. CFA is an Australian-based consumer advocacy group established in early 1960.

CFA Full Form is Campus Freethought Alliance

We can define CFA as the Campus Freethought Alliance. It is the old name of the Center for Inquiry and it is USA based nonprofit organization. The purpose of this group is strict church-state separation and opposes religious involvement in government matters.

CFA Full Form is the Canadian Forestry Association

CFA meaning is the Canadian Forestry Association. It is a Canada based on an old forest conservation organization established in 1900.

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CFA Full Form is the Canadian Fraternal Association

CFA stands for Canadian Fraternal Association. CFA is a Canada-based trade association and it is for the fraternal society’s benefits.

CFA Full Form is the Carinthian Farmers’ Association

CFA definition is Carinthian Farmers’ Association. In the German language, it’s called Kärtner Bauernbund. It is the political party in Austria. In the year 1919, this party participated in the elections.

CFA Full Form is Cat Fanciers’ Association

We can define CFA as the Cat Fanciers’ Association. It is one of the leading pedigreed cat registration associations in North America. CFA was launched in 1906 and its official language is English. Its headquarters was initially established in Manasquan, New Jersey and the CFA shifted to Alliance, Ohio in 2010.

CFA Full Form is Catfish Farmers of America

CFA meaning is Catfish Farmers of America.

CFA Full Form is Country Fire Authority

CFA stands for Country Fire Authority. This fire authority was established in 1945 in the Victoria state of Australia. It handles all the fire accidents and hazardous conditions in the area. It is a volunteer organization in the state. It also consists of Forest Fire Management Victoria department for handling the land fires.

CFA Full Form is College Football Association

CFA long-form is the College Football Association. CFA was established in 1977 in North America dealing with a TV network to broadcast college-level football competitions. It was dissolved in 1997 due to deals at individual levels by the various colleges with TV networks.

CFA Full Form is County Football Association

CFA definition is County football association. This is the England-based local body for the management of football-related matters. It is responsible for the registration of players and clubs.

CFA Full Form is Cyprus Football Association

We can define CFA as the Cyprus Football Association. In the Greek language its called Κυπριακή Ομοσπονδία Ποδοσφαίρου. In the Turkish language, it is known as Kıbrıs Futbol Federasyonu. In Nicosia, Cyprus CFA is working as the governing body of football and it was established in 1934.

CFA Full Form is the Chinese Football Association

CFA meaning is the Chinese Football Association. It was established in Beijing, the People’s Republic of China in 1924 as the football governing body. It was affiliated with FIFA in 1931 and CFA was claimed as a Non-Governmental and Non Profit organization.

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CFA Full Form is Championnat de France Amateur

CFA stands for Championnat de France Amateur. It is also known as National 2 and formerly known as Championnat National 2. It is a football league competition in France. It was formed in 1993 and it consists of 64 teams.

CFA Full Form is Color Filter Array

CFA definition is Color filter array. It is also known as colour filter mosaic and it is used in digital imaging technology.

CFA Full Form is Confirmatory Factor Analysis

We can define CFA as Confirmatory factor analysis. CFA type analysis is used in social research and it is a specific type of factor analysis.

CFA Full Form is Continuous Flight Augering

CFA meaning is Continuous flight augering. It is a construction technique used for the concrete foundation of a deep level. This technique was used first time in the UK in 1966.

CFA Full Form is Continuous Flow Analysis

CFA stands for Continuous flow analysis. It is also known as an automated analyzer that is using the flow technique. The first time it was made by the Technicon Corporation under the name of Segmented Flow Analysis.

CFA Full Form is Control Flow Analysis

CFA definition is control flow analysis. It is a technique in computer programming and with this technique control flow of any program can be controlled.

CFA Full Form is Crossed Field Antenna

We can define CFA as a crossed-field antenna. It is a type of radio antenna used for broadcasting radio waves of long and medium waves.

CFA Full Form is a Crossed-Field Amplifier

CFA meaning is a Crossed-field amplifier. This type of amplifier is used in high-power transmitters and it is based on the Vacuum Tube. CFA was first time introduced in 1950. It is known by various types of names like Amplitron, Stabilotron, or Platinotron.

CFA Full Form is Current-Feedback Operational Amplifier

CFA stands for Current-feedback operational amplifier. It was developed by Devid Nelson in 1982 at Comlinear Corporation. CFA is current sensitive as feedback, unlike VFA which is voltage-sensitive as feedback.

File Extension (.CFA)

.CFA is the file extension of Adobe Premiere Pro.

CFA Full Form is Compagnie Française d’Aviation

CFA meaning is Compagnie Française d’Aviation. It is the French based aircraft manufacturer between 1930s to 1940s.

CFA Full Form is California Film Awards

CFA stands for California Film Awards. It is the film award ceremony for independent films. This award is offered in various categories like Actress, Actor, Animation, Art Design, Best Picture, California Films, Cinematography, Directing, Documentaries, Editing, Experimental Films, Feature Narratives, First-Time Directors, Foreign Films, Music Videos, Screenplay, Short Films, and Student Films.

CFA Full Form is the Canadian Film Awards

CFA definition is the Canadian Film Awards. It is a Canada-based film production award and it was conducted annually from 1949 to 1978. This award is awarded for the best film production.

CFA Full form is Cape Field Artillery

We can define CFA as Cape Field Artillery. It is also known as Nelson Mandela Artillery Regiment. It is South African-based reserve artillery.

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