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What is the NOC Full Form

NOC Full Form
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NOC Full Form is Network Operations Center

NOC meaning is Network Operations Center. It is also pronounced as the knock and it is also known as a network management centre. These centres are used for telecommunication, satellite, etc network management, and monitoring from various locations.

NOC Full Form is No Objection Certificate

NOC stands for No Objection Certificate. It is popularly abbreviated as NOC, it is a type of legal certificate issued by an institution, an agency, an organization, or in some cases an individual. This does not contradict the certificate’s agreement. Certification is required by most government agencies, most of which are from the Indian subcontinent.

NOC Full Form is National Oil Corporation

NOC long-form is National Oil Corporation. In the Arabic language, it’s known as المؤسسة الوطنية للنفط‎ and it is the national oil company of Libya. It was established in 1970 by the Government of Libya and has headquarters in Tripoli, Libya. It is producing various types of petroleum products like Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Petrochemicals.

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NOC Full Form is a Non-Official Cover

NOC definition is Non-Official Cover. This term is normally used in the intelligence agencies for the operative who is working as aspies but not as an official cover like a diplomat or any such official. NOC is pronounced as NOK. NOC are trained to deny their connections with their parent country and agency. They arranged their fake identity in the hosted country. But if they are caught by the hosted country they are unable to get any type of relaxation or immunity.

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NOC Full Form is National Olympic Committees

NOC full meaning is National Olympic Committee. It is a national component of the world Olympic movement. Under the control of the International Olympic Committee, the NOC is responsible for organizing the participation of its people in the Olympic Games. NOCs also promote the development of athletes and the training of coaches and officials nationwide in their regions. You can nominate cities in their regions for candidates for the upcoming Olympics.

NOC Full Form is National Occupational Classification

We can define NOC as National Occupational Classification. It is the term used in the classification of labourers in Canada. Its official language is English and French. In the French language, it’s called Classification Nationale des professions.

NOC Full Form is Nippon Oil Corporation

What does NOC stand for? The answer is Nippon Oil Corporation. Officially it’s known as Nippon Oil Corporation JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation. It is a Japanese-based oil and gasoline company that was established in 1888 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Nowadays it is also called Eneos. It offers many products related to petroleum, petrochemical, and fuel.

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NOC Full Form is North Oil Company

NOC meaning is North Oil Company. It is an oil and gas company that is located in Kirkuk, Iraq. It is working under the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

NOC Full Form is Northeast Ohio Conference

NOC stands for Northeast Ohio Conference. It is an American-based high school conference and it is recognized by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). Moreover, it is working in the Northeast region of Ohio. It was established in 2007 and founded in 2015.

NOC Full Form is Northern Oklahoma College

NOC meaning in English is Northern Oklahoma College. It is a public community college in Tonkawa, Oklahoma, the United States of America. It was established in 1901 and the motto of this college is “Life-changing”.

NOC Full Form is Network On Chip

NOC stands for Network On Chip. It is the network-on-chip and it is the network-based communication system based on the microchip. Moreover, its module-based system is on the chip. NOC applies the theory and various computer communication methods on the IC chip.

NOC Full Form is No Overall Control

NOC definition is No overall control. This term is used in the context of local government in the UK, the term no overall control refers to a situation where neither political group obtains a majority of seats. It is like a suspended parliament of the 248 councils that had members to vote in the 2019 local elections, 73 were administered by the NOC.

NOC Full Form is Nursing Outcomes Classification

We can define NOC as Nursing Outcomes Classification. It is a classification system that describes outcomes for patients who respond to nursing interventions. NOC is a system for assessing the impact of the disease as part of the nursing process. The NOC contains 330 results, each with a label, definition and a number of indicators and measures to determine the achievement of treatment results. The terminology is accepted by the American Nurses Association and included in the registered HL7 and UMLS.

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