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MAC Full Form
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MAC Full Form is Macintosh

MAC stands for Macintosh. It belongs to the group of personal computers that were designed, manufactured, and marketed by the Apple company. It is the product of Apple company that is formerly known as Apple Computer, Inc. This company was formed in 1978 in the United States of America. It is offering many products to their customers like MAC, iPhone, apple watch, AirPods, iPad, TV and home appliances along with other acceessories.

MAC Full Form is Mackintosh

MAC meaning in English is Mackintosh. It is the water proof raincoat of rubbrised leather invented in Scotland. This product named after the Charles Macintosh of Scotland. This raincoat was first time sold out in 1824. But according to some researchers the surgeon James Syme had invented this water proof material.

MAC Full Form is Morgan Advanced Ceramics

MAC long form is Morgan Advanced Ceramics. This company is formerly known as the Morgan Crucible Company belongs to manufacturing industry. This company was formed in 1856 as public limited company. Headquarters of this comapny is located in York House, Sheet Street, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom. MAC is involved in manufacturing of specialist products, advanced ceramics, using carbon, and various composites.

MAC Full Form is Martin’s Air Charter

MAC definition is Martin’s Air Charter. This airline was established in 1958. Now its called Martinair but legally called Martinair Holland N.V and its parent company is Air France–KLM. Its frequent flyer program is Flying Blue. It is flying to 15 destinations with fleet size 4. Headquarters of this company is located in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands. MartinAir has operated as corgo air service.

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Some of the MAC full forms are given below:

MAC Full FormCategory
Metropolitan Arts CentreArts Associations
Marginal Abatement Cost
Material Adverse Change
Mainland Affairs Council
Metropolitan Airports Commission
Military Affairs Commission in China
Military Airlift Command
Municipal Assistance Corporation
Modern Army Combatives
Government Organization
Medicare Administrative ContractorCompanies
Malaysian AIDS Council
Marine Aquarium Council
Myanmar Accountancy Council
Non-Profit Organizations
Michigan Agricultural CollegeUniversities & Institutions
Maximum allowable concentration
Microbiota-Accessible Carbohydrates
Mitochondrial Apoptosis-induced Channel
Mycobacterium Avium Complex
Membrane Attack Complex
Minimum Alveolar Concentration
Monitored Anesthesia CareHealth Care
Mandatory Access Control
Medium Access Control
Migration Authorisation Code
Computer Networking
Maximum Activate CountComputer Hardware
Message Authentication CodeComputer Security
Multiplexed Analogue ComponentsTelecommunication
Mean Aerodynamic Chord
Merchant Aircraft Carrier
Mid-Air Collision
Air Transport
Material Adequacy ConditionLanguages
Mouvement d’Action Civique
Mouvement Autonome Casamançais
Mudiad Amddiffyn Cymru
Muslims Against Crusades
Maranhão Atlético Clube
Marília Atlético Clube
Missouri Athletic Club
Multnomah Athletic Club
Sports Organizations
Macomb Area Conference
Mayflower Athletic Conference
Mid-American Conference
Midwest Athletic Conference
Middle Atlantic Conferences
Middle Atlantic Conference
Mississippi Athletic Conference
Mountain Athletic Conference
Mountain Athletic Conference
MAC Full Form

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