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What is Ultrasonography Short Form

Ultrasonography Short Form
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Ultrasonography Short Form is USG

Ultrasonography is a technique for examining the internal tissues and body structure with the help of high-frequency sound waves. These sound waves create echoes that form the picture on the monitor. The picture created with the help of Ultrasonography is called a sonogram. The ultrasonography is used to check growth and test the thyroid gland, testes, breasts, and limbs, as well as some lymph nodes.

What is the difference between Ultrasonography and Ultrasound?

Ultrasonography is a technique for examining and Ultrasound is a tool used for body parts examining. A sonography test is performed by sonographers using various types of ultrasound devices. This technique of Sonography is commonly used to examine the development of the fetus for various reasons. It helps determine the age, location, and number of the fetus and potential birth defects. Moreover, the sound waves can also create pictures of blood or fluid flow. A sonogram of ultrasonography also shows the direction of the blood flow in blood vessels.

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