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What is the PPM Full Form

PPM Full Form
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PPM Full Form is Parts Per Million

PPM meaning is parts per million. It is the unit used in science and technology for dimensionless quantities. It is also used for various types of fractions like mass fractions and mole fractions. This is not part of the International System for units named SI.

PPM Full Form is Pages Per Minute

PPM stands for Pages Per Minute. It is the unit for the calculation or specification of a printer. It is used to measure the speed of the printer.

PPM Full Form is People’s Progressive Movement

We can define PPM as the People’s Progressive Movement. It is the name of a political party and four countries have political parties with the same name Barbados, Malawi, Cayman Islands, Saint Vincent, and the Grenadines.

PPM Full Form is Perl Package Manager

PPM definition is the Perl Package Manager. In the Perl language PPM is the utility used for the task of locating, removing, upgrading, and installing software packages. It is mostly used in Microsoft Windows. PPM is also called PPM Repositories.

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PPM Full Form is Portable People Meter

PPM meaning is Portable People Meter. It is the system created for measurement of the audience for radio, cable TV, or Television. It is also called Nielsen Meter and it was developed by Arbitron.

PPM Full Form is Permanent Pacemaker

PPM stands for Permanent Pacemaker. It is also known as an artificial Pacemaker or Cardiac Pacemaker. It is the medical device used for the generation of impulses for the heart muscles to pump blood in the body. This device is used for the normalization of a heartbeat in an artificial manner.

PPM Full Form is Periodic Permanent Magnet

We can define PPM as a Periodic Permanent Magnet and PPM is a “Periodic permanent magnet electron beam focusing arrangement for travelling-wave tubes having plural interaction cavities in the bore of each annular magnet”.

PPM Full Form is Pulse Position Modulation

PPM definition is Pulse Position Modulation. It is the type of Electronic signal modulation and it is very helpful in optical communications systems. The main problem of such modulation is the synchronization of the receiver.

PPM Full Form is Project Portfolio Management

PPM meaning is Project Portfolio Management. PPM is the management of processes, methods, and techniques, in which project managers and project management companies analyze the projects in progress or are proposed on the basis of a number of key characteristics and manage them together. The objective of the PPM is to determine the optimal combination of transport resources and to plan the best action plan to achieve the operational and financial objectives of the company, taking into account the constraints that apply to customers, strategic objectives, or external factors in the real world. International standards define the management structure of the project division.

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PPM Full Form is a Public Performance Measure

PPM definition is Public Performance Measure. It is a measure of the punctuality and reliability of British passenger trains. This is the percentage of scheduled trains that successfully complete a fully planned route and connect to all scheduled stations and arrive at the terminal “on time,” meaning “on time” in five minutes. Within ten minutes for London and South and regional operators on arrival or for long-distance operators. The objectives of the BPM vary from year to year for each railway operator and are agreed with the Railway Review Committee.

PPM Full Form is a Personally Procured Move

PPM stands for Personally Procured Move. It permits you to get paid to pack and move your baggage yourself, instead of having the government do the same service for you. The government will provide you with 95 per cent in this regard. But if you do have not to spend up to 95 per cent then you spend the amount as per your requirements and the rest you keep yourself.

PPM Full Form is Planned Preventative Maintenance

PPM definition is Planned Preventative Maintenance. It is also called planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance. This type of maintenance is carried out as preventative maintenance before the system breakdown. There are various types of preventative maintenance like operating time-based maintenance or duration-based maintenance.

PPM Full Form is Post Programme Monitoring

PPM meaning is Post Programme Monitoring. When a member state borrows from the International Monetary Fund, its policy is examined. Once the state has completed a loan plan, it will be subject to plan monitoring (PPM), which is an important part of the fund’s hedging structure. PPM usually has large international credit in cash to all member states after the project is completed. The aim is to identify the risks that weigh on medium-term reliability for these Member States and to prevent risk balancing at an early stage. If necessary, the staff advises on measures to address international economic imbalances.

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PPM Full Form is the Pacific Pinball Museum

PPM stands for Pacific Pinball Museum. PPM is an interactive museum/arcade that houses a chronological and historical selection of rare and ancient games for more than 90 pinball slot machines from the 1940s to the present day. The museum houses hand-painted paintings, music boxes, and rotating exhibits. There is space for parties, events, excursions and steam education programs.

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