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What is the hydroxychloroquine short form?

Hydroxychloroquine Short Form
Hydroxychloroquine Short Form
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Hydroxychloroquine Short Form

Hydroxychloroquine is sold under the brand name of Axemal (in India), Dolquine, Hydroquin, Plaquenil, Quensyl, and Quinoric. Hydroxychloroquine short form is “HCQ” or hydroxychlor. It is a medicine that is used to treat malaria. Nowadays, it is studied for the COVID-19 treatment but not approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID-19. It is given to the patient by mouth. Hydroxychloroquine has many side effects like a change of vision, vomiting, headache, and also a weakness. It may also cause heart problems and allergy. It was approved in the USA in 1955.

Hydroxychloroquine should be advised to those patients who are suffering from hyper sensitivity, diabetics, and heart diseases. It is considered the first line medicine for the Q fever and if found any type of complicated case then patient should required the extra medication. It is very toxic in case of overdosage and it may cause death.

It is commonly sold under the sulfate salt.

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