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Best Way to Rotate PDF File
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PDF Full Form is a Portable Document Format

PDF stands for portable document format. It is a digital document format that is not easily modified but required sharing it with all other people who need them and printing them. To read pdf files Adobe Reader software is required. In some cases, the conversion of files from one format to another format has required any specific software.

Best 3 Tools To Rotate PDF

You may need to rotate your PDF file in a variety of scenarios. Occasionally, while scanning a paper or book, a few pages will scan upside down. Or This is something that can happen while merging PDFs. You may rotate PDFs using a variety of online PDF editing tools. You can rotate PDF in seconds by following a few easy steps.


2pdf.com is a free PDF tool that you may use online. You can rotate PDFs, merge PDFs, split PDFs, and convert PDFs to other formats, among other things. You can rotate, modify, and compress PDF files by following a few simple steps. 2pdf.com is the greatest alternative since it preserves your privacy by automatically deleting all downloaded files after 24 hours. You may use 2pdf.com in any browser and in any format because it is an internet application. 2pdf.com is cloud-based, so it won’t use up your device’s resources.

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  • Visit 2pdf.com for more information.
  • Choose the rotate pdf option.
  • After that, upload your pdf file.
  • You have the option of using landscape or portrait mode. Your PDF pages can be rotated to the right or left.
  • Select the option to rotate the PDF.
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That’s all there is to it; now you can download your modified PDF file.


Another excellent method for rotating PDF is to use a tiny PDF. Smallpdf is accessible for free, but there is also a premium version. You may rotate PDFs in the free version. All of your downloaded files will be permanently destroyed after 60 minutes for security reasons, and no one will be able to access them.

Small PDF is compatible with all browsers, and a mobile version for Android and iOS is also available. You don’t need to install software to rotate PDFs; simply upload your files to the website, rotate them, and get them. Following are the steps on how to rotate PDF for free with the help of Smallpdf.

  • Visit a Small PDF website or download an app.
  • Choose the rotate PDF option.
  • Your pdf files may be dragged and dropped.
  • You can rotate individual pages to the left or right or all pages at the same time.
  • Download your file by selecting the Apply Changes option.


Pdf2go.com is a free online service. You can rotate all of the pages at once or one by one. You don’t need to install any software; simply go to pdf2go.com. pdf2go.com carefully checks all of your files and does not share them with anybody. All browsers are supported by Pdf2go. The nicest part of pdf2go.com is that you can rotate big files.

  • Using pdf2go.com to rotate a PDF
  • Visit pdf2go.com for more information.
  • Upload your documents; you may drag and drop files or use Google Drive or Dropbox to do so.
  • You can rotate the pages one by one or all at once. Select the option to save.
  • Now you are done with rotation. Save the file to your computer.
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Follow these steps and you can easily get the PDF rotation done.

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