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What is the TMC Full Form

TMC Full Form
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TMC Full Form is Thousand Million Cubic feet

TMC meaning is Thousand Million Cubic feet. It is the unit for measuring liquid volume in large quantity especially water in the reservoir or water channels. It is equal to 1 billion or 109 and this unit is commonly used in Indian origin.

TMC Full Form is Traffic Message Channel

TMC definition is Traffic Message Channel. It is digitally coded and decoded technology that is using the Alert C and TPEG communication protocol for delivering the messages to the drivers in the transport industry. It is also used in the broadcasting technology for transmission of the radio signal and satellite communication. It is used in both sectors of public and commercial when data is integrated with the navigation system so that it is operational in many countries in the same way.

TMC Full Form is Thinking Machines Corporation

TMC meaning is Thinking Machines Corporation. It is American based artificial intelligence and supercomputer manufacturer private company. It was established in 1983 and stop operating in 1994. It was established by Sheryl Handler and Danny Hillis. TMC headquarters was located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.

TMC Full Form is Toyota Motor Corporation

TMC meaning is Toyota Motor Corporation. TMC is a Japanese based automotive company established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda. Its headquarters are located in Toyota City, Japan. It offers many services to its customers like banking, financing, and leasing. It offers many products like luxury vehicles, commercial vehicles, Automobiles, and engines. TMC is the subsidiary of the Toyota Group.

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TMC Full Form is Texas Medical Center

TMC long-form is Texas Medical Center. TMC is situated in a medical district close to south-central Houston, Texas, United States of America. It is a nonprofit organization and almost sixty medical institutes are attached to this medical center. With the help of these institutions, it becomes the largest medical organization in the world.

TMC Full Form is The Master’s College

TMC meaning is The Master’s College. Nowadays, It is called The Master’s University and it was established in 1927. It is a non-denominational, conservative Christian liberal arts university in Santa Clarita, California, United States of America. It is a private institute and its motto is For Christ and Scripture. Its nickname is the Mustangs.

TMC Full Form is Thurgood Marshall College

TMC stands for Thurgood Marshall College. It is an undergraduate college located in the University of California, San Diego, United States of America. It was established in 1970 and its motto is Developing the Scholar and the Citizen. Many academic programs and departments are established on the campus.

TMC Full Form is Trivandrum Medical College

TMC definition is Trivandrum Medical College. TMC is a government-based medical college located in Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala state of India. It was established in 1951 and its nickname is TMC. It is registered with the Indian Medical council. It consists of various health units and departments.

TMC Full Form is Thanjavur Medical College

TMC meaning is Thanjavur Medical College. TMC is one of the best medical institution in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It meets the needs of nearby districts and the district of Thanjavur. It is associated with the Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai. This institute was formed in 1958 and run by the government of Tamil Nadu, India.

TMC Full Form is Tripura Medical College

TMC stands for Tripura Medical College. Its full name is Tripura Medical College & Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Teaching Hospital. It was established in 2006 and located in Tripura, Agartala, India. It is the best teaching hospital in the area. It was associated with the University of Tripura.

TMC Full Form is Tucson Medical Center

TMC definition is Tucson Medical Center. It is a US-based medical center with 641 beds. TMC is a nonprofit but locally governed hospital in the state of Arizona, USA. It is specialized in many fields like chest pain, primary stroke, and neuroscience. TMC is a member of the Mayo Clinic network. This hospital holds many awards and recognitions on his credit.

TMC Full Form is Thursday Morning Club

TMC meaning is Thursday Morning Club. TMC was founded in Madison, New Jersey in 1896, the Society is a nonprofit, social, and charitable organization that provides low-cost childcare events, women’s welfare programs, and other charitable events in Madison, New Jersey and surrounding communities.

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TMC Full Form is Thomas More College

TMC stands for Thomas More College. Thomas Moore is a regular international Christian school serving students from childhood to grade 12. It is a school based in South Africa and was established in 1962. The boarding school closed in 2002. The school is located in the nature reserve. All students are brought home to compete with each other in events such as the Indoor Expo event and Sports Day.

TMC Full Form is Transportation Manufacturing Corporation

We can define TMC as Transportation Manufacturing Corporation. It is a USA based bus manufacturing company located in Roswell, New Mexico, United States of America. It was established in 1974 by Greyhound Bus Lines. In 1987 General Motor closed its bus manufacturing unit and sold its rights.

TMC Full Form is Triumph Motor Company

TMC meaning is Triumph Motor Company. It is a UK based car and motor manufacturing company and it was established in 1885 and closed operating in 1984. Its headquarters is located in Coventry, England.

TMC Full Form is The Movie Channel

TMC long-form is The Movie Channel. It is a pay television network based in the USA and this owned by the Showtime network. The motto of this network is Movies for movie lovers. Its headquarters is located in New York City, New York, United States of America.

TMC Full Form is Total Market Coverage

TMC meaning is Total Market Coverage. TMC is an advertisement that reaches every home on the market. Traditionally, newspapers cover the entire market for most North American newspapers, with nearly all households subscribing to the major local newspapers. As subscriptions decrease, these products evolve into separate ventures, sometimes run by newspapers and sometimes machines or individual companies identified by money-saving customers.

TMC Full Form is Toronto Mendelssohn Choir

TMC long-form is the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. The Toronto Mendelson Choir is the largest Canadian linguistic group based in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded in 1894 by Augustus S. VGT W.H.H. H., Hewlett Co-Founder. This group was originally an extension of the Baptist Church in Jarvis St. Toronto, directed by Vogate and Nora with Hewlett. It is named after the German composer Felix Mendelssohn. The choir consists of 150 voices, including a professional center with 20 male and female singers who participate in the auditions. Singer from Mendelssohn Tall with 70 vocal voices.

TMC Full Form is Textile Museum of Canada

TMC stands for Textile Museum of Canada. The Canadian Textile Museum was founded in 1975 by Max Allen and Simon Walkmakers as the Canadian Museum of Carpets and Textiles. The museum’s collection is located above the glacier in the village of Marwish and is based on textiles collected on business trips. The museum was moved to its present location in 1989. The Canadian Museum of Textiles in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is a museum dedicated to the collection, display and documentation of textiles.

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TMC Full Form is Tamil Maanila Congress

TMC definition is Tamil Maanila Congress. It’s Indian based political party belongs to the Tamil Nadu state of India and it was established in 1996. Its headquarters was located in the 14, 5th Cross St, Ellaiamman Colony, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086, India. TMC was formed by the G. K. Moopanar.

TMC Full Form is The Minish Cap

TMC long form is The Minish Cap. It belongs to the The Legend of Zelda series and developed by the Capcom and Flagship. TMC is the action adventure game developed in 2004.

TMC Full Form is The Mud Connector

TMC meaning is The Mud Connector. This is the computer related gaming website that is used for the review, articles, game listing, etc. It was established in 1995 and owned by the Andrew Cowan. This website is optional and free.

TMC Full Form is Trece Martires City

TMC stands for Trece Martires City. Officially it’s called the City of Trece Martires and in the Tagalog language, it’s called Lungsod ng Trece Martires. This city belongs to the Philippines and this city was established in 1955.

TMC Full Form is Télé Monte Carlo

TMC definition is Télé Monte Carlo. TMC, the oldest private channel in Europe, was founded in 1954 by Prince Rainer III. Monaco opened it. Like many other European television networks, their first major project involved the country’s ruling family, in this case, Prince Rainer III’s wedding. And Grace Kelly. According to an agreement between Prince Rainer III. And for French President Francois Mitterrand, TMC was able to fly west to Montpellier, France. TMC is a French-Mongolian non-profit TV station of the French media, owned by TF1 Group.

TMC Full Form is Tagalized Movie Channel

TMC meaning is Tagalized Movie Channel. It is Philippine based cable channel and it belongs to the Viva Television. The motto of this television in English language is More Fun When Tagalized. It was launched in 2014 and serving country wide. It consists of 80 channels. The owner of this channel are Viva Entertainment and MVP Entertainment.

TMC Full Form is Thomas & Mack Center

TMC definition is Thomas & Mack Center. It is a multi-surface arena facility located in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in Paradise, Nevada, United States of America, and operated by the University of Nevada. This ground was established in 1981 and opened this ground in 1983.

TMC Full Form is Travel Management Company

TMC definition is a travel management company. This is a travel agency that runs business travel planning programs. They often offer online booking tools to end-users, mobile applications, program management teams, consulting services, driving travel services, meeting and event support, reporting options, and more. Non-profit travel management companies also provide services for managing complex visa requirements, health needs before travel, travel to remote areas, and immediate contingency planning.

TMC Full Form is Transportation Materiel Command

We can define TMC as Transportation Materiel Command. It was a unit in the US Army and it was merged with Transportation Corps Army Aviation Field Service Office. Its headquarter was located in Marietta, Pennsylvania, United States of America. After merged these two units it formed Transportation Supply and Maintenance Command.

Airport Code of Tambolaka Airpor

Tambolaka Airport IATA code is TMC. It is an airport in Tambolaka, Southwest Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. In 2015, the airport opened a new terminal that could improve passenger service compared to the old terminal. The station can be reached via cafes and shops. There is a car park and several taxi teams in front of the building.

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