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What is the PSTN Full Form

PSTN Full Form
PSTN Full Form, PSTN meaning, PSTN Definition, PSTN long form
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PSTN Full-Form Public Switched Telephone Network

PSTN stands for a public switched telephone network. Circuit switching is a very important method that is used in telecommunication technology. PSTN is the part of the world’s circuit-switched telephone network systems. Government, local or public organizations are operating this. PSTN includes the cables, optical fiber cables, microwave telephone networks, undersea telecommunication networks, satellite communication, and cellular network. All of them are interconnected with the communication hubs. PSTN Full-Form Public Switched Telephone Network

Originally a network of fixed-line analog telephone systems, the PSTN is now almost entirely digital in its core network and includes mobile and other networks, as well as fixed telephones. ITU-T has created the standard for PSTN operation and management. Because these standards are used to interconnect different networks in different countries without any problems. So that the combination of the interconnected networks and the single numbering plan allows telephones around the world to dial each other.

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