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MC Full Form
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MC Full Form is Mississippi College

MC meaning is Mississippi College. It is a private Baptist college established in 1826 in Clinton, Mississippi and it is the largest private university. It is the oldest college in the Mississippi as affiliated with Baptist and the second oldest college in the USA. Its motto is Veritas et Virtus and in the English language its called Truth and Virtue.

MC Full Form is Memory Clear

MC stands for Memory Clear. It is defined as to reset all RAM and hardware registers to a zero or blank condition. It also used for selecting restart to reboot the computer does not clear memory. But turning it off and on again guarantees that memory is cleared and the system is reset. Memory clear and Warm Boot RAM are in opposite direction.

MC Full Form is Master of Ceremonies

MC definition is Master of Ceremonies. It is also abbreviated as emcee and Master of Ceremonies is the official host of any event. This term was introduced by the Catholic Church. During the official state functions, this term was used for the protocol officer.

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MC Full Form is Marine Corps

We can define MC as the Marine Corps. Marines are part of the naval forces of any country that are working as the infantrymen. They conduct various operations inland, air, and sea for navy, airforce, and their own operations. They have various types of jobs like Airman, Sailor, Soldier, and Commando. Marines are a critical part of any country but in the United States of America marines are the independent organization.

MC Full Form is Motorcycle Club

MC meaning is Motorcycle Club. MC is a group of people whose main interests and activities are motorcycles. A Motorcycle Group may appear as a clubbed group of different motorcycles or bikers that have the same vehicle model as the Harley Owners Group. One of the first motorcycle clubs was the New York Motorcycle Club, which merged with the Alpha Motorcycle Club in Brooklyn in 1903 and became the Federation of American Motorcyclists. The Motorcycle and Allied Trades Association (M & ATA) then formed a division of motorcyclists which became the American Motorcyclist Association.

MC is the TLD of Monaco

.MC is the top-level domain (ccTLD) of Monaco. It is also called the internet country code of Monaco.

MC Full Form is Mitsubishi Corporation

MC stands for Mitsubishi Corporation. It is also called Mitsubishi Shōji Kabushiki-gaisha or 三菱商事株式会社. It is the largest trading company in Japan. MC is the part of Mitsubishi keiretsu and operates in various types of businesses like chemicals, banking, energy, finance, machinery, and food. It is a public company established in 1954 and its headquarters is located in the Its headquarters is located in Marunouchi Park Building in Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo.

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MC Full Form is Montgomery College

MC definition is Montgomery College. MC is a public community college in Montgomery County, Maryland, United States of America, and established in 1946. It is a type of community college and the motto of this college is “Make Your Move”. Off-campus sites include the Business Training Center in Gaithersburg and Westfield South in Wheaton, managed by the college’s human resources development and continuing education department. The college has three locations, the largest of which is in Rockville. The other locations are at Takoma Park / Silver Spring and Germantown.

MC Full Form is Monmouth College

MC meaning is Monmouth College. MC is a private liberal arts college and its motto in the Latin language is called Lux and in the English language its called Light. It was established in 1853 and its nickname is Fighting Scots. It is affiliated with the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU), Annapolis Group, and Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM).

MC Full Form is Marietta College

MC stands for Marietta College. MC is a private liberal arts university in Marietta, Ohio, United States of America and it was established in 1835. In the Latin language, it’s called Collegium Mariettensis. Its motto in the Latin language is “LUX ET VERITAS” and in the English language is “Light and Truth”. The college offers more than 50 major disciplines. The campus is about three blocks from downtown Marietta.

MC Full Form is Middlebury College

MC definition is Middlebury College. MC is the private liberal arts college established in 1800 in Middlebury, Vermont, United States of America. It offers 44 disciplines in foreign languages, social sciences, arts, humanities, literature, and natural sciences. In the Latin language its called Collegium Medioburiense Viridis Montis. The motto of this college in the Latin language is “Scientia et Virtus” and in the English language is Knowledge and Virtue. Its nickname is panthers.

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MC Full Form is Muhlenberg College

MC meaning is Muhlenberg College. MC is a private liberal arts college located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States of America and it was established in 1848. It is religiously affiliated with Evangelical Lutheran Church in the USA. Its nickname is Mules.

MC Country Code of Monaco

Monaco ISO country code is MC. Its official name is Principality of Monaco and in the French language, it’s called Principauté de Monaco. Monaco is a sovereign city-state and microstate and it is located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. The official language of this state is French and Roman Catholic is the official religion of this state.

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