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What is the NCR full form?

NCR Full Form
NCR Full Form, NCR meaning
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NCR Full Form is National Capital Region

NCR meaning is the National Capital Region. It is the area in a country that is surrounding the capital city of any country. Various countries in Europe, Australia, and Asia are using this term. This is also known as the capital region, the capital district, and capital territory. NCR stands for National Capital Region.

NCR Full Form is National Catholic Register

NCR meaning is National Catholic Register. It is the conservative, national Catholic newspaper in the United States of America. It was established in 1927. It is available in both formats online and prints. NCR stands for National Catholic Register.

NCR Full Form is National Catholic Reporter

NCR meaning is National Catholic Reporter. It is biweekly newspaper that issues reports regarding the Catholic Churches. It was established in 1964 as non profit newspaper. NCR stands for National Catholic Reporter.

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NCR Full Form is National Cycle Route

NCR meaning is National Cycle Route. It is the United Kingdom-based cycling route to encourage the cycling culture in the UK. It was created by the charity named Sustrans. NCR stands for National Cycle Route.

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NCR Full Form is National Cash Register

NCR meaning is National Cash Register. It is an American based software and technology company. Nowadays its called NCR Corporations. It is producing the automated teller machines, self-service kiosks, check processing systems, point-of-sale terminals, and barcode scanners. It was established in 1884. NCR stands for NCR Corporation.

NCR Full Form is No Carbon Required

NCR meaning is No Carbon Required. It is also called non-carbon copy paper, Carbonless copy paper (CCP), or NCR paper. It is coated paper to transfer information written on the front end of the top paper to transfer on all lower papers in the stack. The first time it was used by the NCR Corporation. NCR stands for No Carbon Required.

NCR Full Form is Napier City Rovers

NCR meaning is Napier City Rovers. It is the association of football team of Napier, New Zealand. Its nickname is “The Blues”. It was established in 1973.

NCR Full Form is Nature Conservation Review

NCR meaning is Nature Conservation Review. It is the UK based work done by the Derek Ratcliffe. The subject of this work is Nature conservation in Great Britain. It was published by the Cambridge University Press in 1977.

NCR Full Form is Naval Construction Regiment

NCR meaning is Naval Construction Regiment. It is the United States of America’s Naval Battalion. It is also known as Seabees. The role of this battalion in the US Navy is militarized construction in the Naval areas. NCR stands for Naval Construction Regiment.

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NCR Stands for New California Republic

NCR meaning is New California Republic. It is the government in fictions like the video games.

NCR Full Form is Not Criminally Responsible

NCR meaning is Not Criminally Responsible. It is also known as Insanity defense, mental disorder defense, defense of mental disorder, and defense of mental illness. It is used in criminal cases, where the defense is giving arguments that the accused is not criminally involved in the case due to his mental condition.

NCR stands for Numeric Character Reference

NCR meaning is Numeric Character Reference. It is common mark up construct used in HTML or XML. It consists of a short sequence of characters in result that represents the single characters.

NCR Full Form is Nugget Casino Resort

NCR meaning is Nugget Casino Resort. In the past, it was known as John Ascuaga’s Nugget and Dick Graves’ Nugget. It is located in the Sparks, Nevada, United States of America and formed in 1955. It is a 29 story tower version building. Marnell Gaming is the owner and operator of NCR. NCR stands for Nugget Casino Resort.

NCR is the IATA Code of San Carlos Airport

NCR is the IATA code of San Carlos Airport. It is an airfield operating in San Carlos, Río San Juan Department, Nicaragua. It is public type airport.

NCR stands for North Coast Rocketry

NCR meaning is North Coast Rocketry. It is the American based model rocket company.

NCR Full Form is North Cross Route

NCR meaning is North Cross Route. It is the planned motorway standard road in London. It was never constructed due to a lot of opposition. It was planned in the late 1960s.

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NCR Full Form is North Circular Road

NCR meaning is North Circular Road. It is also known as North Circular or A406 and it is 25.7 Miles long road. It is the ring road in the central London, England.

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