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GDP Full Form

GDP Full Form
GDP Full Form

GDP Full Form is Gross Domestic Product

Gross domestic product is used in macro economics to monetary measure the value of final good and services produced by a country in specific period of time it includes private and public goods and services. So GDP can be broken down to measure the share of any sector in the economy of any country. Ratio of GDP divided by total population is called per capita GDP of any country. If experts want to calculate the progress and development of any country they uses the GDP one of the most powerful tool.

We can calculate the GDP of any country in three ways and they will shows us same results. They are given below:

  • Production Approach
  • Income Approach
  • Expenditure Approach

GDP Full Form is General Duty Pilot

General Duty Pilot is pilot who can fly fighter aircraft for dog fight or ground attack. GDP can also fly transport aircraft and helicopter after necessary conversion training from transport conversion school.

GDP Full Form is Gateway Discovery Protocol

Gateway Discovery Protocol is allowed the routers to dynamically detect the new gateways and also know when any gateway goes down.