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What is the ETA Full Form

ETA Full Form
ETA meaning, ETA full form, ETA stands for, ETA definition, ETA acronym, What does ETA stand for,
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ETA Full Form is Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA meaning is the Estimated Time of Arrival. It is an estimated time that is used for the arrival time of any ship, aircraft, vehicle, or cargo. This term is a phrase and commonly used in public transportation which is calculated as per their estimated time of departure and intensity of the traffic on the channel. Mostly this phrase is used in air traffic control, airport gates, and elevator control.

ETA Full Form is Electronic Travel Authorization

ETA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. It is a type of pre-arrival registration and it is not formerly known as a visa. And it is required for foreign travelers to a country that normally does not require a visa under some conditions. It is also known as Electronic Travel Authority in some countries that issue the ETA. These type of authorizations comes under the control of border control department of any country.

ETA Full Form is Employment and Training Administration

ETA definition is Employment and Training Administration. ETA is the part of the United States of America Department of Labour and governed by the Federal Government of the USA. It was established in 1975 and its headquarters is located in Washington, D.C. the United States of America. The mission of ETA is to provide labor market information, training, employment, and income maintenance services.

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ETA Full Form is Estimated Transmitting Ability

ETA meaning is Estimated Transmitting Ability. It is for milk production calculated from only first lactation records that were regressed on milk proofs of the sire and maternal grandsire. It is either the estimated transmitting ability of the dam calculated from only the first lactations or the estimated transmitting ability of the dam calculated from all lactations of a data set. In this way, all cows were required to have milk records of the first lactation.

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ETA Full Form is the Energy Tax Act

ETA meaning is Energy Tax Act. This act was passed by the USA Congress and it was the part of the National Energy Act. The main theme of this act was the conservation of energy and also promote fuel efficiency. It also gave an income tax credit to private residents who use solar, wind, or geothermal sources of energy.

ETA Full Form is the Electronics Technicians Association

ETA stands for Electronics Technicians Association. It was established in 1978 and it is the American based international professional non-profit organization. This organization provides various types of certifications regarding electronics engineerings like basic electronics, information technology, customer service, fiber optics, photonics, precision optics, data cabling, renewable energy, wireless communications, radar, biomedical, avionics, and smart home.

ETA Full Form is the Environmental Transport Association

ETA definition is the Environmental Transport Association. It is a United Kingdom carbon-neutral provider of the bicycle, vehicle breakdown, and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer. It has developed many unusual vehicles over recent years to promote sustainable transport. It is also owned insurance products, two of which collected Guinness World Records.

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ETA Full Form is the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association

ETA meaning is the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association. It is a trade union in Ethiopia and established in 1949 by the 32 teachers. It is affiliated with Education International and the head office is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It has recognized by Education International, International Organization for Development of Freedom of Education (Switzerland), UNESCO, UNICEF, World Teachers’ Organization (Belgium), ILO, United Nation Human Rights Commission, Teachers’ Associations of Sweden, Switzerland, African Education Association for Development, Germany, and the UK.

ETA Full Form is Engineering & Technologies Academy

ETA meaning is Engineering & Technologies Academy. It was established in 2004 by William “Bill” Sturgis and Richard Howe. It is an American based engineering high school located in San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America. It offers various engineering courses like computer-Aided design, GIS, manufacturing, principles of engineering, communication graphics, drafting, and information technologies.

ETA Full Form is Evangelical Theological Academy

ETA meaning is Evangelical Theological Academy. In the Dutch language its called Evangelische Theologische Academie. It was established in 1985 in Zwijndrecht, Netherlands. It is a Dutch interdenominational institute for evangelical theological Christian education. It offers a Bachelor and Master of Theological Studies programs in the Dutch language.

ETA Full Form is Evangelical Theological Association

ETA meaning is the Evangelical Theological Association. This association was established in 1975 between the Whitley College and Churches of Christ Theological College. It is associated with the Melbourne College of Divinity. It offers undergraduate and graduate courses to its students.

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