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What is the application short form

Application Short Form
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Application Short Form

Application short form is App. The word application is used in various ways in daily life. In Information technology, the word application is applied to a piece of software used on the client’s computer to perform different tasks according to their needs. There are some examples of application software are accounting software, media player, Microsoft office suite, etc.

Application word is also used for the document used for different purposes. It is used when someone wants to get some favour from any higher authority. There are different examples of application word as a document like leave application, grant application, job application, patent application, etc.

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Some of the main application short forms are given below:

DescriptionShort Form
Homeland Security, Fema, GovernmentAPLCN
Computing, Cybersecurity, TextingAPP
Aerospace, Medical, PathologyAPPL
Technology, TelecomAPL
Application Short Form

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