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DAAC Full Form

DAAC Full Form
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DAAC Full Form is Departmental Affirmative Action Coordinator

DAAC stands for Departmental Affirmative Action Coordinator. It is an appointment in any organization or unit for coordination among different departments. It is appointed by deans or vice presidents and acts as the focal person.

DAAC Full Form is The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada

DAAC meaning is the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada. It is a non-profit trade association established in 2013 in Canada. The headquarter of this association is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The official language of this association is English and French. The main objective of this organization is to manage the operation of AdChoices self-regulatory programs, and the Political Ads Program, in Canada.

DAAC Full Form is Dell Annual Analyst Conference

DAAC long form is Dell Annual Analyst Conference. It is held for two days in Austin, Texas, United States of America. It is featured a series of impactful and open conversations between Dell executives, partners, customers, and industry analysts.

DAAC Full Form is District Academic Advising Council

DAAC abbreviation is District Academic Advising Council.

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Some other DAAC full form are given below:

Dover Area Aquatic Club
Do A Ana Arts Council
Societies & Clubs
Distributed Active Archive Center
Deans Academic Advisory Committee
Data Analysis and Assessment CenterStatistics
Design Aesthetic Advisory Committee
District Advisory Accountability Committee
Different At All CostGeneral Terms
Division Avenue Arts CollectiveArts Associations
Drug Abuse Alternatives CenterPsychology
Daihatsu Ayla Astra Community
Dubbo Antique Automobile Club
DAAC Full Forms
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