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What is the ZCD Full Form

ZCD Full Form
ZCD full form, ZCD definition, ZCD meaning, ZCD stands for,
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ZCD Full Form is Zero Cross Detector

ZCD meaning is Zero Cross Detector. ZCD is a circuit design for the detection of zero amplitude of voltages in sign wave. It has many applications but the common is in the microcontrollers for the switching purpose. ZCD is used because when switching the AC wave circuits the noise is created so that to avoid the noise level during switching the zero voltage level is required. ZCD is developed with both electronics components and software modules.

ZCD Full Form is Zirconium Chemical Distribution

ZCD definition is Zirconium Chemical Distribution. Zirconium is a chemical element and the name of Zirconium was derived from the Zircon mineral. The color of this element is lustrous, grey white and its atomic number is 40. The symbol of Zirconium is Zr. It is mostly used in the refractory as a small amount of alloy and it belongs to the element category of transition metal.

ZCD Full Form is Zoonosis Control Division

ZCD stands for Zoonosis Control Division. Zoonosis is an infectious disease that was created by pathogens and transferred from animals to humans. To control this disease the Zoonosis Control Division promotes public health services and some of them are given below:

  • It provides investigation and surveillance of reported zoonotic diseases in animals and humans
  • ZCD is facilitating in the training of Animal Control Officers
  • It provides the implementation of the Oral Rabies Vaccination Program for wildlife
  • It allows the collection of biological specimens for disease surveillance
  • ZCD provides human rabies of biologicals
  • Regulations and inspections of rabies isolation services
  • Rapid Response Team is participation in emerging disease surveillance case with field diagnostics
  • It also provides the identification of different types of rabies virus links in submitted specimens
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ZCD Full Form is Zero Crossing Density

ZCD meaning is Zero Crossing Density. ZCD is the polynomial coefficients that are obtained by minimizing the distance between the expected zero crossing density value of the fast elements of the physiological signal. It is the estimated ZCD value of these elements. The procedure has been tested and preliminary results were satisfactory.

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