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Minutes of Meeting Short Form

Minutes of Meeting Short Form
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Minutes of Meeting Short Form

Minutes of Meeting Short Form is MoM.

The minutes of the meeting are notes that are taken informally under the specific protocols of any meeting or the proceedings and should be as accurate as possible. Minutes may refer to any form of a deliberative assembly. Whose purpose is conducting official business of any organization, govt department, etc?

Minutes from every meeting must be written down. Minutes are not merely records for future reference; at most meetings, they are reviewed as soon as possible after the meeting. Minutes should not be taken by remote-meeting technologies such as Skype or GoToMeeting. Minutes should not be written by committee members, nor are their notes to other committee members minuted. Minutes are the property of the organization and may only be released under proper authority. Minutes must be dated, though the date need not necessarily appear in the text of the minutes themselves. Minutes normally include a record of the participants.

Minutes of Meeting template is an example. This template shows the recommended format for minutes of meeting documents. It contains several components. While it does show typical content for a minutes document, the content varies depending on the type of meeting being minuted, or the organization and its business needs.

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Important Points for Taking Board Meeting Minutes

Some points should keep in mind while taking board meeting minutes.

  • Use a valid template
  • Attendance of all participants
  • Circulate an attendance list among all attendees or carry out an introduction
  • Record all actions and decisions taken during the meeting
  • Clarify the doubts
  • Only brief notes should be taken
  • Points should be in the same verb tenses
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