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HR Full Form

HR Full Form
HR Full Form
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HR Full Form is Human Resources

HR stands for Human Resources. Human resources are also called Human Capital. Human resources are the people who build the workforce for any organization, business unit, and industry. The HR department of any organization manages manpower related matters.

HR Full Form is Republika Hrvatska (Croatia)

HR stands for Republika Hrvatska it’s Croatian name of Croatia country. HR is also the ISO country code of Croatia. Croatia is a country in southeast Europe and its official name is the Republic of Croatia. Zagreb is the largest and capital city of the country.

HR Full Form is Hour

HR stands for Hour. Hour is a unit of time, 1 hour is 1/24 day and 1 hour is 60 minutes.

HR Full Form is Horizontal Rule

HR stands for Horizontal Rule. HR is also called Thematic Break and its a tag in HTML language <hr />. These rules can be defined with the help of CSS.

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.HR is Croatia (TLD)

.HR is the top level domain of Croatia.

HR Full Form is Hispanic Review

HR stands for Hispanic Review. Hispanic Review is an academic journal for peer reviews. HR review is focusing on research in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian culture and literature. It was formed in 1933 and replaced the Revue Hispanique which is a French journal because Revue Hispanique had stopped his publications.

HR Full Form is Homestar Runner

HR stands for Homestar Runner. HR is flash animated comedy web series. Its based on the surreal comedy created by the two animators Matt and Mike Chapman. These two persons also known as Chap Brothers. It was formed in year 2000 in English language.

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HR Full Form is Himesh Reshammiya

HR stands for Himesh Reshammiya. HR an Indian based Hindi singer born in 1973. He worked on many projects in Bollywood in various roles like playback singer, actor, and music director.

HR Full Form is Hampton Roads

HR stands for Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads is the name of both a body of water and surrounding metropolitan and is located in Virginia south east and North Carolina North east areas in United States of America. It served as a large channel for the Nansemond, James, and Elizabeth rivers. It is available between Old Point Comfort and Sewell’s Point. At that point the Chesapeake Bay flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

HR Full Form is Haemodynamic Response

HR stands for Haemodynamic Response. In HR its permit the blood to speedily deliver to active neuronal tissues. Basically in the body of human being brain is only part of the body that consumes lot of energy but it can’t store that energy. So that when it is functioning in large capacity it required lot of energy. Then HR permits the body to rapidly provides blood to human brain.

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HR Full Form is Heart Rate

HR stands for Heart Rate. HR is the speed of heartbeats per minute. Heart Rate is almost equal to the pulse rate of the body. HR depends on the physical condition of the body or the need of the body. Sickness increase or decrease the heart rate of the body as well as body condition like rest condition or during any working condition of the body shows a different heart rate of the body. There are three states of body heart rate as per the American Heart Association. Bradycardia is also called a slow heart rate and it is 60 bpm or below at rest. The normal heart rate is 60 to 100 bpm at rest position of the body. Tachycardia is the fast heart rate of the body like 100 bpm or above.

HR Full Form is Homologous Recombination

HR stands for Homologous Recombination. HR is a type of genetic recombination. In this type of recombination, nucleotide sequences are exchanged with each other. Such type of exchange may occur between similar types of molecules double-stranded or single-stranded nucleic acid.

HR Full Form is Hypersensitive Response

HR stands for Hypersensitive Response. Hypersensitive is an overreaction or undesirable reaction of the immune system in a human body or plant. So that Hypersensitive Response is the response of the plant to protect the plant from any type of spread of infection by the micro type of pathogens. It is also called an active defense strategy of any plant against the microbial pathogens.

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HR Full Form is Half Rate

HR stands for Half Rate. Half Rate is also called HR, GSM 06.20 or GSM-HR. HR is a type of speech coding in GSM technology and this coding type was developed in 1990.

HR Full Form is Hazard ratio

HR stands for Hazard Ratio. The hazard ratio is used in Survival Analysis the branch of statistics. HR is the ratio of the hazard rates related to the conditions defined by two levels of explanatory variables.

HR Full Form is Home Run

HR stands for Home Run. HR is the score type in baseball. The home run will occur when the ball is hit in that way, that the batter is able to circle the bases and reach home safely in one play without any fault being committed by the opposite team in the method.

HR Full Form is Highland Railway

HR stands for Highland Railway. HR was established in 1865 and stopped his operation in 1923. It was a smaller British railway in the country. It was operating from North of Scotland railway station named as Perth and north farthest area of Britain.

HR Full Form is Hahn Air

HR stands for Hahn Air. It is a German airline and HR is the IATA code of this airline. The fleet size of this airline is three (3) so that it’s a small airline. This airline was formed in 1994 as domestic airlines and its headquarters located in Dreieich, Germany. One of the best businesses of this company is ticketing solutions this allows the travel agencies to connect with Hahn Air via computer. More than 100000 travel agencies are using this ticketing solution.

HR Full Form is Haryana Roadways

HR stands for Haryana Roadways. It’s full name Haryana Roadways State Transport and its public transport company by the Haryana state Government of India. It is the main part of the Haryana state transport department. This company was formed in 1966 and its headquarters is located in Chandighar, India. It’s main product is bus transport service.

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