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What is the FIR Full Form

FIR Full Form
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FIR Full Form is First Information Report

FIR meaning first information report and FIR meaning in Urdu are پہلی معلومات کی رپورٹ or صنوبر. FIR is the policy document that is prepared on the information received after any criminal occurrence. It is commonly used in South Asia and Far East Asian countries.

FIR Full Form is Finite Impulse Response

FIR definition is the finite impulse response. FIR Filter is the whose impulse response is finite with a finite duration. It happens because it settles to zero in finite time.

FIR Full Form is Flats Industrial Railroad

We can define FIR as Flats Industrial Railroad. It is the class III railroad service that provides industrial and commercial services. It is headquartered in 1757 Columbus Road, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio 44113, United States of America.

FIR Full Form is Flight Information Region

FIR meaning is flight information region. It is the special area in the airspace in which flight information is provided and alerting service is provided. In the world, it is the largest region in the airspace where these services are provided.

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FIR Full Form is Free Ideal Ring

FIR stands for Free ideal ring. This term is used in the ring theory of mathematics. FIR is a ring where all right ideals are free modules and these are with unique ranks.

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FIR Full Form is Federazione Italiana Rugby

FIR definition is Federazione Italiana Rugby. In the English language, it’s called Italian Rugby Federation. It is the rugby sports federation in Italy and it was established in 1928. It is also a member of the world rugby council.

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