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What is the MIA Full Form

MIA Full Form
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MIA Full Form is Missing In Action

MIA meaning is Missing In Action. These are extraordinary measures that divide warriors, ministers of war, veterans of war, and prisoners of war who died in war or battle. They may be beaten, injured, arrested, killed, or released. Although they were dead, their bodies or graves were never found. Becoming Interior Minister is a professional risk if other conflicts arise.

MIA Full Form is the Malaysian Institute of Accountants

MIA meaning is the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. It was established in 1976 and its headquarters is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its official language is English and Malay. The main purpose of this institute is to develop and regulate the profession of accountancy in the country. It is operating under the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia.

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MIA Full Form is Marxists Internet Archive

MIA stands for Marxists Internet Archive. It is an online encyclopedia that is available in approximately 45 multi-languages. It is a nonprofit organization established in 1990. It has established this library for the specific ideology of the works of communist, anarchist, and socialist writers.

MIA Full Form is Michigan Islamic Academy

Define MIA as Michigan Islamic Academy. It is an Islamic private day school for Kindergarten to 12th-grade students and it is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan it was established in 1985.

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MIA Full Form is Minneapolis Institute of Art

MIA definition is Minneapolis Institute of Art. It is an art museum located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States and it is a world-famous art museum that is representing the art collections of more than 90,000 workers from all over the world. It has seven categories of art Textiles & Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Asian Art, Paintings, Decorative Arts, Photography and New Media, and Prints and Drawings.

MIA Full Form is Montgomery Improvement Association

MIA stands for Montgomery Improvement Association. It was established in 1955 and is used as the guiding tool for the Montgomery bus boycott. It was formed by the community leaders in Montgomery, Alabama, and black ministers. MIA was led by Martin Luther King Jr. Ralph Abernathy and Edgar Nixon.

MIA Full Form is a Museum of Islamic Art

MIA long-form is the Museum of Islamic Art. The Museum of Islamic Art is a 7 km long mountain museum located in Doha, Qatar. According to architect I. M. Pei, the museum was built on an island. The well-built platform is surrounded by buildings to the east and south, and two bridges to the south of the country connect the main pen where the park is located. A port has been marked on the western and northern borders, reflecting the early stages of travel in Qatar.

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MIA Full Form is the Ministry of Internal Affairs

MIA definition is the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is formerly known as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and it is the interior ministry of Russia. In the Russian language its called Министерство внутренних дел, МВД, Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del (MVD). It was established in 1802 and its headquarters is located in Moscow. It has various types of child agencies like the Police of Russia, Drugs Control, Investigative Department, Traffic Safety, and Migration Affairs.

MIA Full Form is Made in Abyss

MIA meaning is Made in Abyss. It is a Japanese-based manga series and in the Japanese language its called メイドインアビス. In the Hepburn language, it’s called Meido in Abisu. It was written and illustrated by Akihito Tsukushi. It is based on Adventure, dark fantasy, and science fiction. Its English publisher is named Seven Seas Entertainment.

MIA Full Form is Magnetic Immunoassay

MIA stands for Magnetic immunoassay. It is a novel type of diagnostic immunoassay using magnetic beads as labels that replaced the conventional enzymes, fluorescent moieties, or radioisotopes to detect a specified analyte.

MIA Full Form is Master of International Affairs

MIA long-form is Master of International Affairs. It is a master’s level degree in the field of international affairs and it is also called Master of Global Affairs.

MIA Full Form is Media Information Agency

MIA definition is Media Information Agency. Its native name is Медиумска информативна агенција and it is formerly known as Macedonian Information Agency. It is a public news agency established in 1992 and its headquarters is located in Skopje, North Macedonia.

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MIA Full Form is Medically Indigent Adult

We can define MIA as a Medically indigent adult. In the US healthcare system, people who do not have health insurance are not eligible for other health services such as Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance. This part is used for medicine and the general public. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, in 2017, 45% of non-adults did not have health insurance for payment reasons. It is very expensive for people with “poor health” to get Medicaid but they have very little access to health insurance or health services. High-risk patients need to know about health insurance. Countries like South Carolina have developed MIAP programs to help those in need.

MIA Full Form is Misfits in Action

MIA meaning is Misfits in Action. It is the World Championship Wrestling that was formed in 2000 and dissolved in 2001.

MIA Full Form is Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area

MIA stands for Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. It is geographically located in the Riverina area of New South Wales, Australia. This system was developed to control and divert the flow of the local river and creek systems for the aim of food production.

MIA Station Code of Manchester Airport station

Manchester Airport station’s code is MIA. It is the tram and bus station located at Manchester Airport, England. It was established in 1993 and managed by the TransPennine Express.

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