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What is LBW Full Form

What is LBW Full Form
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LBW Full Form is Leg Before Wicket

LBW stands for Leg before wicket. It is the way of dismissal of batsmen in cricket sport. When a batsman faced a ball and he is unable to hit with the bat or hand holding the bat, but the ball hits with his or any part of the body the empire will declare the batsman LBW out. The empire will declare LBW out on the appeal from the fielding side team. So that the empire has certain criteria like where the ball was pitched, the ball hit in line with the wicket, batsman attempt to hit the ball, trajectory of the ball, etc.

LBW Full Form is Laser Beam Welding

LBW meaning is Laser beam welding. It is a welding technique used for the joint of materials between metal and thermoplastic. The laser beam provides deep welding and narrow places, multi-material pieces, and a high level of welding rates. This technique is used with the help of an automation system.

LBW Full Form is Low Birth Weight

LBW stands for Low birth weight. World Health Organization has defined the child’s weight at the birth time if the child’s weight is less than 2500 grams it’s called low birth weight. A child born with LBW is at health risk so they required a high level of health management.

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LBW Full Form is Linux Bier Wanderung

LBW long form is Linux Bier Wanderung. It is a week-long event held in various parts of Europe on open-source software every summer. At this event, a dozen different countries, for a combination of talks, outdoor exercise, hands-on mini-projects, presentations, good food, and drink.

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LBW Full Form is a Lutheran Book of Worship

LBW definition is the Lutheran Book of Worship. It is also called Green Book and it is a worship and hymnal book. This book is used by various Lutheran Denominations in the area of North America. It was released in 1978 by Augsburg Fortress publishers.

LBW Full Form is Landing Barge, Water,

We can define LBW as Landing Barge, Water. It is a 33-ton freshwater tank with an engine and it propels them at 4.5 knots. This vessel was used in World War II by America and the United Kingdom.

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