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What is the POC Full Form

POC Full Form
POC Full Form, POC stands for, POC meaing
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POC Full Form is Proof of Concept

POC meaning is Proof of Concept. It is the checking of validity of any proof. It is the implementation of any proof in physical way like a prototype. POC is a test that provides evidence that the hypothesis on that concept has been proven.

POC Full Form is Paid Outside Closing

POC meaning is Paid Outside Closing. It is the fee charge by the bank or insurance companies at the time of closing of loan.

POC Full Form is Point of Contact

POC meaning is Point of Contact. It is also called Single Point of Contact. It is a department or a person working as a coordinator for information concerning as activity or program in any organization. POC is implemented where information is required a high level of accuracy and time sensitivity.

POC Full Form is Production Office Coordinator

POC meaning is Production Office Coordinator. Normally POC stands for Production Coordinator. The production coordinator is working under the production manager in the film, movies, video production, and TV shows. Basically POC is working as the gatekeeper for the implementation of organization policies.

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POC Full Form is Philippine Olympic Committee

POC stands for Philippine Olympic Committee. In the Spanish language its called Comité Olímpico Filipino, (COF). In the Filipino language its called Olimpikong Komite ng Pilipinas, (OKP). It is the National Olympic Committee of the Philippine. POC was established in 1911 and its headquarters is located in PhilSports Complex, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippine.

POC Full Form is Portable Oxygen Concentrator

POC meaning is Portable Oxygen Concentrator. POC is used to provide oxygen therapy to those patients who required more oxygen than ambient oxygen in the air. They are smaller in size and more mobile nowadays. In recent days, POCs are used in airplanes.

POC Full Form is Products of Conception

POC meaning is Products of Conception. When egg and sperm are combine then POC is derived from them. In the recent studies its found that it may create infections. It can be diagnosed with the help of ultrasound.

POC Full Form is Proof-of-Capacity

POC meaning is Proof of Capacity. POC is also called Proof of Space and Proof of Storage.

POC Full Form is Proto Oceanic Language

POC meaning is Proto Oceanic Language. It was probably spoken around the 3rd millennium. It was spoken in the region of Bismarck Archipelago.

POC Full Form is Person of Color

POC meaning is a Person of Color. In plural form, it is called People of Color or Persons of color. This term is used in the USA for those people who are not considered as a white generation. The term is also used as a group of people like communities of color, Women of Color, and Men of Color.

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POC Full Form is Prisoner of Conscience

POC meaning is Prisoner of Conscience. Amnesty International is using this term for the prisoners who are arrested on the bases of race, political views, sexual orientation, or religion. It was originated by Peter Benenson in a 28 May, 1961 article named as The Forgotten Prisoners.


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