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What is the IRDA Full Form

IrDA Full Form
IrDA Full Form, IrDA meaning, IrDA stands for, IrDA definition,
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IrDA Full Form is an Infrared Data Association

IrDA meaning is an Infrared Data Association. It is the group of almost 50 companies that was established in 1993 which provides specifications for the set of protocols for wireless communication. Basically, this IrDA is a set of protocols and name is also known as Infrared. There are various types of communication methods but IrDA is the most secure and low error method of communications. The principal on with this communication has occurred is called point and shoot principal. This technology is used in mobile phones, medical devices, printers, and scanners.

IRDA Full Form is the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

IRDA stands for Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. It is an Indian based autonomous body regulating the insurance and reinsurance in the country. It was established in 1999 under the Act that is called IRDA Act passed by the Indian Parliament in 199 and its headquarters is located in Hyderabad, Telangana State of India. It is a ten-member body in the country.

IRDA Full Form is Intermittent Rhythmic Delta Activity

IRDA meaning is Intermittent rhythmic delta activity. It is the type of wave generated in the brain of any patient of tumorous and something that is unknown. It is detected in EEG and the causes of this wave mostly are unknown but main cause is may be brain tumor. It can also be unilateral as well as bilateral. IRDA is also classified as frontal (FIRDA), occipital (OIRDA), and temporal (TIRDA).

IRDA Full Form is Iskandar Regional Development Authority

IRDA Stands for Iskandar Regional Development Authority. In the Malay language its called the Pihak Berkuasa Wilayah Pembangunan Iskandar and it is responsible for the directions, policies and strategies for the development of Iskandar, Malaysia. So that according to his responsibility it is also responsible for the co ordination with the State Planning Commitee.

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IRDA Full Form is International Reborn Doll Artists

IRDA meaning is International Reborn Doll Artists. It is the social media group for the reborn doll artists. It was established on the Facebook on 2005 and it is the oldest group on social media.

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