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What is the IKR Full Form

IKR Full Form
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IKR Full Form is I Know, Right

IKR meaning is I Know, Right. It is a commonly used phrase for the confirmation of anything. It is used as the chat slang in online chatting, text messages, voice calls, etc.

IKR Full Form is Króna

IKR stands for Krona. Krona is the currency of Iceland. The word Krona is used for the various currencies in the world for different countries.

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IKR Full Form is Iklehra Railway Station

IKR long-form is Iklehra Railway Station. It is a railway station located in the area of Bhajipani, Madhya Pradesh, India. Its station code is IKR.

IKR Full Form is Indiana Kyudo Renmei

IKR definition is Indiana Kyudo Renmei. It is a non-profit organization for the practice of a special type of Japanese archery which is called Kyudo. Many members travel to the USA and Japan to attend various activities. Most of the members are practising in Indianapolis.

IKR Full Form is Iaido Kokusai Renmei

We can define IKR as Iaido Kokusai Renmei. It is an international organization for the artist who is using the Japanese Sword for cutting and drawing.

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IKR Full Form is the Institute of Kiswahili Research

IKR meaning is the Institute of Kiswahili Research. Formerly it was known as the Institute of Kiswahili Studies. In the year 1964, the name of this institute was changed to the Institute of Kiswahili Research. The main aim of this institute is to research the Kiswahili language.

IKR Full Form is Integraal Kankercentrum Rotterdam

IKR stands for Integraal Kankercentrum Rotterdam. It is located in the Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland.

IKR Full Form is International Koala Rescue

IKR long form is International Koala Rescue.

IKR Full Form is Iraqi Kurdistan Region

IKR definition is Iraqi Kurdistan Region. Kurd is the nation that is located in the area of Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Kurds are divided into these countries into various regions. Iraqi areas populated with Kurd populations are known as the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

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