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What is the IMO Full Form?

IMO Full Form
IMO Full Form, IMO meaning, IMO long form, IMO Stands for

IMO Full Form is International Maritime Organization

IMO meaning is the International Maritime Organization. In the French language its called Organisation Maritime Internationale (OMI). Before 1982 it was also named Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization. IMO also UNO’s specialized agency to manage the shipping related matters. It was established in 1948 under the UNO charter and UNO Economics and Social Council. Its headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom (UK). More than 174 countries and states are associated with this organization. IMO stands for International Maritime Organization.

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IMO Full Form is International Maritime Organization (IMO) number

IMO Number meaning is the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Number. It is a unique identifier issued by the IMO. IMO Number is for the ships, shipping companies, and management companies of ships. The purpose of the IMO number is to prevent fraudulent activities in the field of maritime. IMO number helps to provide safety and security. The format of the IMO number is three-letter of IMO and followed by seven digits like “IMO 1234567”.

IMO Full Form is In My Opinion

IMO meaning is In My Opinion. This is the chat slang used during a chat on social media. When someone is discussing anything in chat and the other person wants to give his or her point of view they mention “IMO” as a short form of In my Opinion. IMO is commonly used in professional writing also and it is a slang word. IMO stands for In My Opinion.

IMO Full Form is Imo State

IMO state in the northeast region state of Nigeria. It is one of the 36 states of the country. This state was created in 1976 and its capital is the Owerri. IMO state is located in the area between the lower River Niger, the upper, and the middle of the Imo River. Its economy is based on the agriculture and main producer of palm oil. The IMO state has many natural resources like crude oil, lead, natural gas, Calcium Carbonate, and zinc.

IMO Full Form is Irish Medical Organisation

IMO meaning is the Irish Medical Organisation. IMO is the professional association as well as Trade Union for doctors in Ireland. In the Irish language its called Ceardchumann Dhochtúirí na hÉireann. Before the IMO there were two separate organizations working in Irland for doctors. They were named the Irish Medical Association and the Irish Medical Union. These two were merged in 1984 and named Irish Medical Organisation.

IMO Full Form is Icelandic Meteorological Office

IMO meaning is the Icelandic Meteorological Office. IMO is the main weather department in Iceland. IMO is managing two Cray XC30 system for the Danish Meteorological Institute as weather prediction since 2016. But due to cheaper electricity and cooling conditions. One system is used for development purposes, and the second is used for daily operational activities. IMO stands for the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

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IMO Full Form is Instant Money Order

IMO meaning is Instant Money Order. This is web-based service has been started by India Post. It is used for instant money transfer between two persons. IMO stands for Instant Money Order.

IMO Full Form is Intelligent Medical Objects

IMO meaning is Intelligent Medical Objects. It is a private company working in the field of health informatics. It was established in 1994 and its headquarters is located in Rosemont, Illinois, United States of America. This company is specialized in the field of development, managing, and licensing medical vocabularies. It is associated with several health care organizations, medical content providers, and Electronic Health Records developers. IMO stands for Intelligent Medical Objects.

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IMO Full Form is International Mathematical Olympiad

IMO meaning is International Mathematical Olympiad. It is the oldest International Science Olympiad. So that IMO for the pre-college students and first time it was held in 1959 in Romania. It is held on an annual basis since 1959 except 1980. More than a hundred countries are participating by six students from each country.

IMO Full Form is Isomaltooligosaccharide

IMO meaning is Isomaltooligosaccharide. It is also known as isomalto-oligosaccharide and it is a short chain of carbohydrates. It is found in many natural foods and it is also manufactured on a commercial level. It is used in many food products by food manufacturers. IMO is digestion resistant element so that it has very serious side effects in case of overdosage. The recommended dosage of IMO is 1.5 g/kg body weight. It is approved in China and Japan and commercially manufactured in these countries. IMO stands for Isomaltooligosaccharide.

IMO Airport Code of Zemio Airport

IMO is the IATA airport code of Zemio Airport. This airport is located in the Central African Republic country. This country is a landlocked country in the center of Africa. Zemio Airport is a government-owned public type airport.

IMO Full Form is Idiopathic Massive Osteolysis

IMO meaning is Idiopathic Massive Osteolysis. It is also called Gorham’s disease and also has many other names like Acro-osteolysis syndrome, Breschet-Gorham-Stout syndrome, Cystic angiomatosis of bone, Disappearing bone disease, Disseminated lymphangiomatosis, Disseminated osseous bone disease, Essential osteolysis, Gorham-Stout syndrome, Gorham’s lymphangiomatosis, Hemangiomata with osteolysis, Idiopathic massive osteolysis, Massive osteolysis, Morbus-Gorham-Stout disease, Osteolysis, and angiomatous nevi, Skeletal lymphangiomatosis, Skeletal hemangiomatosis, and Thoracic lymphangiomatosis.

It is a very rare skeletal condition of unknown cause. It is characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of distended, thin-walled vascular or lymphatic channels within the bone. This leads to resorption and replacement of bone with angiomas and/or fibrosis. IMO stands for Idiopathic Massive Osteolysis.

IMO Full Form is International Meteorological Organization

IMO meaning is the International Meteorological Organization. It was operational between 1873-1951. IMO was the first organization that was established for weather information collection and exchanging this information among the countries around the world. World Meteorological Organization was superseded on the IMO. IMO stands for International Meteorological Organization.

IMO Full Form is International Meteor Organization

IMO meaning is the International Meteor Organization. It is used for the meteor work on the international level and it was established in 1988 as a nonprofit organization. Its headquarters is located in Mechelen and it has hundreds of members worldwide. Belgium and IMO’s official language is English. IMO stands for International Meteor Organization.

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