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What is CCTV Full Form

CCTV Full Form
CCTV Full Form, CCTV Stands for, CCTV Meaning
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CCTV Full Form is Closed Circuit Television

CCTV meaning is Closed-Circuit Television. It is a video surveillance equipment for a specific place. It is called closed-circuit because it transmits video signals in a closed circuit or in a network only. Only authorized monitors can display the video signal of any camera. CCTV has many types of equipment like cameras, monitors, cables, and digital video recorders. In the present day, CCTV systems are very advanced and we can watch our CCTV footage on remote sites with the help of the internet. Video signals of CCTV cameras can be transmitted on the internet.

Sometimes it is also called videotelephony when used in remote education. CCTV camera has many uses like it is used defense forces locations, banks, streets, stores, shopping malls, offices, and houses. Nowadays cameras are very advanced in technology in camera types normal camera, night vision, IP based, thermal imaging, etc. CCTV stands for Closed-Circuit Television.

CCTV Full Form is China Central Television

CCTV meaning is China Central Television. CCTV is China’s public television in China and it is broadcasting its programs at almost 50 channels with the help of six languages. It has more than one billion viewers worldwide. Its broadcast includes news, entertainment, documentary, social education, comedy, and drama. Most of them are Chinese operas.

CCTV was established in 1958 as the state-controlled media channel and opinion-maker of the Chinese Communist Party. Its headquarters is located in the CCTV Headquarters, Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The owner of this channel is China Media Group. It has 25 free channels and 19 paid channels and it is also affiliated with the China Global Television Network. Its call sign is Voice of China.

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CCTV share in the audience of Chinese population is almost 41% from the more than 1.2 billion total audience. But CCTV New Year Gala share in audience is approximately around 90%. CCTV stands for China Central Television.

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