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What Is The Tuesday Short Form

Tuesday Short form
Tuesday Short Form, Short form of Tuesday
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Tuesday Short Form is Tue, Tues, and T

Tuesday short form is Tue, Tues, and T. Tuesday is the second day of the week according to the international ISO Standards. It comes between Monday and Wednesday in the week. In some calendars, Sunday is the first week of the day so that Tuesday will be the third day of the week.

In English Tuesday name derived from the old English Tiwesdæg meaning “Tīw’s Day”, and Middle English Tewesday, the day of Tiw (Mars) or Týr, the god of single combat, and law and justice in Norse mythology. It is also called Mars day. From a religious point of view, Tuesday is very important in the religion of Hindu and Christianity.

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Tuesday Occurrences

Very Common occurrences are taken place in the United States of America on Tuesday. One occurrence in the USA elections that are taken place on the first Tuesday of November. The second occurrence is normally video games in the USA launched on Tuesday.

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In Australia, there are also some occurrences that happened on the day of Tuesday. The Melbourne Cup is held on the first Tuesday of November. The Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia meets on the First Tuesday of each month except January. The federal government of Australia presents the federal annual budget on the Second Tuesday of May.

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AS Tuesday Named

  • Black Tuesday
  • Easter Tuesday
  • Patch Tuesday
  • Shrove Tuesday
  • Super Tuesday

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