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What is the PPE Full Form?

PPE Full Form
PPE Full Form
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PPE Full Form is PowerPC Processor Element

PPE stands for PowerPC Processor Element. PPE consists of Power Processing Unit with 512KB L2 cache. Normally PPU is used in PPE. It is a general-purpose, dual-threaded, 64-bit RISC processor that conforms to the PowerPC Architecture and it is used in systems like XBOX consoles, game consoles play station 3, and also used in high speed and high performance super computers.

PPE Full Form is Philosophy, Politics and Economics

PPE stands for Philosophy, Politics and Economics. It is an academics program and it is also called politics, philosophy and economics. It is the combine study of three disciplines and it is undergraduate and postgraduate degree program. This degree was offered in 1920 by the Oxford University. University of New York, USA was established the PPE degree in 1980. It is very effective course for those who want to join the civil services.

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PPE Full Form is Puerto Peñasco International Airport

PPE stands for Puerto Peñasco International Airport. This is also known as Mar de Cortés International Airport. PPE is the IATA code of this airport. It is the privately-owned airport in Mexico and Grupo Vidanta is the owner of this airport. It is located in the La Jolla de Cortes, Sonora, Mexico. This airport was established in 1940 but it was significantly built by the Grupo Vidanta in 2005.

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PPE Full Form is ParaPneumonic Effusion

PPE stands for Parapneumonic Effusion. PPE is a kind of pleural effusion that arises as a result of pneumonia, bronchiectasis, or lung abscess. There are three main kinds of PPE’s like complicated PPE, Uncomplicated PPE, and empyema. Antibiotic treatment is very much effective in uncomplicated PPE. There are three types of diagnostics available to deal with PPE like plain film X-Ray, CT Scan, and Ultrasound. Ultrasound is a more effective way to deal with PPE.

PPE Full Form is Property, Plant, and Equipment

PPE stands for Property, Plant, and Equipment. It is also called fixed assest, tangible assets and PP&E. This term is used in accounting for property and fixed assets that can not easily converted into cash. As per accounting standards this term is used for fixed assets only.

PPE Full Form is PalmoPlantar Erythema

PPE stands for PalmoPlantar Erythema. It is also known as palmoplantar erythrodysesthesia, hand-foot syndrome, and Chemotherapy-induced acral erythema. PPE is swelling, reddening, numbness and desquamation on palms of the hands and soles of the feet that can occur after chemotherapy in patients with cancer. Hand-foot syndrome is sometimes seen in sickle-cell disease.

PPE Full Form is Perturbed Physics Ensemble

PPE stands for Perturbed physics ensemble. PPE form a main scientific focus of the complete project, especially using the coupled model. New climate models do a great work of simulating many large-scale features of current-day climate. However, these models include large numbers of adjustable parameters which are known, individually, to have a critical affect on simulated climate.

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PPE Full Form is PolyPhenyl Ether

PPE stands for Polyphenyl Ether. PPE is a type of polymers that consists of a phenoxy or a thiophenoxy group as the repeating group in ether linkages. Commercially phenyl ether polymers belong to 2 chemical categories like PPEs (polyphenyl ethers) and PPOs (polyphenylene oxides). PPEs were developed for use in extreme environment especially for use in aerospace industry but now a days it is used in engines.

PPE Full Form is Proximal Promoter Element

PPE stands for Proximal Promoter Element. Any regulatory sequence in eukaryotic DNA that is positioned near to (within 200 base pairs) a promoter and binds a specific protein thereby modulating transcription of the associated protein-coding gene. Many genes are controlled by multiple promoter-proximal elements.

PPE Full Form is Pruritic Papular Eruption

PPE stands for Pruritic papular eruption of HIV disease. PPE is characterized by chronic pruritus and symmetric papular and pustular on the extensor areas of the arms, trunk, dorsum of the hands, and face with sparing of the palms and soles. It is with the absence of other definable causes of itching in an HIV infected patient. PPE seems to be much more prevalent in less developed regions of the world.

PPE Full Form is PCBoard Program Executable

PPE stands for PCBoard Program Executable. PPE is the builtin board system application first introduced in DOS. First time it was developed by Clark Development Company, Inc. Initialy it was released in 1983 and final released in 1996.

PPE Full Form is ProgPower Europe

PPE stands for ProgPower Europe. It is also known as ProgPower. It is a progressive metal festival in Europe. It is held since 1999 in Netherland on annual basis in the month of October. It was started by the René Janssen.

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