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What is the Quantity Short Form

Quantity short form
Quantity Short Form and Short Form of Quantity
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Quantity Short Form

Quantity has few short forms which are related to different professions like qty, QUANT, QNTY, Q, QNH, and QT. These abbriveations almost covers the daily life in more than 84 professions. But qty is most common short form of quantity.

Quantity short form qty is commonly used in the engineering, business, banking, finance, aviation architect, pharmacy, prescription, physiology, drawing, etc.

Quantity short form quant is used frequently in the field of Construction, Construction Drawing, Engineering, Dentistry, Medical, etc.

Quantity short form is QNTY is used normally in the Air Cargo, Air Cargo, and Weather Forecast sectors.

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Quantity short form is Q and it is used in the field of Medical, Pathology, and Environmental Health.

Quantity short form is QNH and it is used in the aircraft industry.

Quantity short form is QT and it is normally used in the medical and pathology. These are the common abbreviations of quantity that are given above but the industries whose using this abbreviation are not limited to this.

What is Quantity?

Quantity is the property which express the multitude or magnitude of any thing. It can be represent in the form of more than, less than, equal, or in numerical values as unit of measurement. So that, among the familiar examples of quantitative properties like Mass, heat, time, distance, and angular separation are used.

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