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What is the AFK full form?

AFK Full Form
AFK Full Form
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AFK Full Form is Away From Keyboard

AFK meaning is Away From Keyboard. AFK is the chat slang that is used when the user is not available for a short period of time on the computer. It is used in chat on social media and multiplayer game chat function. AFK stands for Away From Keyboard.

AFK Full Form is Allerød Fodbold Klub

AFK meaning is Allerød Fodbold Klub. It is also called Allerød FK since 2004. This club was formerly known as Lillerød IF. It was established in 1918-1920. This is the Danish association football club. It was currently playing in the Zealand Series. AFK club took part in the first Danish Cup tournament in 1955. It also took part in further two cups in 1983 and 1991. AFK stands for Allerød Fodbold Klub.

AFK is Code of Angamaly Railway Station

AFK meaning is the station code of Angamaly Railway Station. It is situated in Angamaly South, Angamaly, Kerala, and operated by the Indian Railways. Southern Railway Network of Indian Railways is operating this railway station. More than 10,000 passengers are using this railway station for their daily traveling needs. It is the halting point railway station of more than 46 trains. This railway station has five platforms three for long-distance passenger trains and two platforms for the cargo services in the state.

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AFK is Code of Nebraska City Municipal Airport

AFK meaning is airport code of Nebraska City Municipal Airport. AFK airport code is the combine code of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Location Identifier (LID). This airport is situated in the Nebraska City, in Otoe County, Nebraska, United States of America. It is the public airport and owner of the airport is Nebraska City Airport Authority. It was opened in the 1994 and this airport was built as a substitute for Grundman Field.

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AFK is Code of Nanubae Language

AFK is the ISO code of the Nanubae language. It is also called the Kapagmai, and Luanda. It is an Arafundi language of Papua New Guinea.

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