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SOS Full Form
SOS Full Form
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SOS Full Form is Save Our Soul, Save Our Ship, Send Out Succour

SOS stands for Save Our Soul, Save Our Ship, Send Out Succour. These are commonly used as a full form of SOS but the reality is different from this. Basically, SOS is a Morse code distress signal which is used in communication. SOS is used because it is easy to transmit and decode. These Morse code for SOS are (· · · — — — · · ·). These are the first three dots for ‘S’ then three dashes formed ‘O’ and then again three dots which will again form ‘S’. This signal is used for maritime support. SOS with overscore is easy to remember.

This Morse code was the first time regulated by the German radio in 1905. Later in 1906, it became the International standard. This signal was introduced by Samuel Morse.

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SOS is still used in a variety of ways like emergency calls to law enforcement agencies, weather alerts, natural disasters, accidents road, air, and ship accidents. People can call from their phones (cell or landlines), signal as Morse codes, survival mirrors, etc.

Commonly people ask a very important question about the Titanic ships that were sunk in the ocean. People ask that was SOS call was used by the Titanic ship. The answer is No because the SOS signal was introduced after the Titanic ship was sunk.

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SOS Full Form is Someone Over Shoulder

SOS stands for Someone Over Shoulder. This term is normally used in chat. SOS is used when the sender wants to warn the receiver about anyone who is watching on the other end.

SOS Full Form is Struck Of Service

SOS stands for Struck of Service. Struck of Service is used by many organizations worldwide during the employee’s management system. SOS is the date of their release, retirement, discharge, or dismissal from service. From the date of SOS onward employee is not liable for any type of benefits that he is availing during his service.

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