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What is the Full Form of CC

Full Form of CC
Full Form of CC and CC stands for
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Full Form of CC is Carbon Copy

CC stands for Carbon Copy. When we want to send an email to anyone we write the email address of the email receiver in the recipient address bar. But when we want to inform someone at the same time about this email we write their email id in the CC field. Everyone will know about the CC addresses. CC addresses will receive a copy of the same email.

Full Form of CC is Creative Commons

CC stands for Creative Commons. CC is the American based non-profit organization established in 2001. This organization issued various types of copyright licences to its customers. The goal of this organization is to provide the copyrights to those who want to do creative work on various projects.

Full Form of CC is Credit Card

CC stands for Credit Card. A credit card is a payment card connected online with issuer bank and international company like Visa, Master, etc. The cardholder use this card for various reasons like buy online, fuel, services, utility bill payments, etc. Then the issuer bank or financial company sends the bill of that card then the customer pays their spent amount with the agreed amount on the specified date.

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CC Full Form is Cubic Capacity

CC stands for Cubic Capacity. This term of CC is used in the automotive technology. Basically its the volume of cylinder from the Top Dead Center (TDC) to Bottom Dead Center (BDC). CC is express normally in cubic centimetre and cubic inches. Cubic is the unit of volume and it is calculated as HxLxW.

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CC Full Form is Closed Captioning

CC stands for Closed Captioning: CC is a term used about the visually display text on the television, video screen, or other visual display to provide additional or interpretive information. Basically, it is the transcription of the audio portion of the program as it occurs. Sometimes it describes the non-speech elements.

CC Full Form is Common Criteria

CC stands for Common Criteria. It is also called Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation and it is an international standard for computer security certification. Basically it provides assurance to the laboratories for the testing of security standards for testing, evaluation, implementation of standards in rigorous way.

CC Full Form is Command & Conquer

CC stands for Command & Conquer. CC is a video game based on the real-time strategy and first-person shooter. It was the first time developed by the Westwood Studio. The first time it was released as Command and Conquer and now in 2020 it was released again as Command & Conquer Remastered Collection. Every game of CC can make the multiplayer game.

CC Full Form is Comedy Central

CC stands for Comedy Central. It is an American based basic cable channel owned by the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Network and it is based in Manhattan, United States of America. Its headquarters is located in Hudson Street, New York. The slogan of CC is “Everything is Funny” and it is broadcasting worldwide. This channel is officially called CTV, The Comedy Network.

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Full Form of CC is Crowd Control

CC stands for Crowd Control. CC is a term used in the Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) and Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas (MOBAs). It is basically the ability to limit the number of mobs actively fighting during an encounter. Crowd Control abilities fall into three main categories that are known as Movement Modifiers, Action/ability rate modifiers, and Forced action modifiers.

Full Form of CC is CoCo Channel

CC stands for CoCo Channel. Gabrielle Bonheur was a fashion tycoon and businesswoman in France. She has established this channel in 1920 and she was the only fashion designer listed in the Time Magzine list of 100 most influential people of the 20th century.

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