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What is the CO Full Form

CO Full Form
CO full form, CO meaning, CO long form, CO definition, CO stands for, Define CO,
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CO Full Form is a Company

CO meaning is Company. It is a group of people associated with natural, legal, and other hybrid field of life as well as for a particular purpose. Companies have various forms like business, finance, non-profit, education, voluntary, etc.

CO Full Form is Colombia

CO stands for Colombia. Officially it’s called the Republic of Colombia and in the Spanish language, it’s called República de Colombia. It is located in multiple continental areas like Turkey in Asia and Europe. Colombia is located in South and North America. Its capital is Bogotá as well as is the largest city in the country and its official language is Spanish.

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CO Full Form is Commercial

CO definition is Commercial. In the English language, the word commercial is used in various ways like nouns and adjectives. Due to its usage, its meaning may vary. It is also used as a piece of advertisement, make a profit, etc.

CO Full Form is Colombia (ccTLD)

Colombia (ccTLD) is .CO. Every independent state of its own ccTLDs that are used in the domain name extensions. So that Colombia ccTLD is .co.

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CO Full Form is Chemins de fer Orientaux

CO meaning is Chemins de fer Orientaux. In the Turkish language, it’s called Rumeli Demiryolu or İstanbul-Viyana Demiryolu and in the English language, it’s called Oriental Railway. Its reporting mark is CO and its Ottoman empire railway company established in Rumelia and it was established in 1870.

CO Postal Code Of Colorado

We can define CO as Colorado. It is one state of the states of the United States of America. It is located in the Western part of the United States and joined the states in 1876. Its capital is Denver and it’s the most populated city in the state.

CO Full Form is Cardiac Output

CO definition is Cardiac output. It is also called Heart Output and its symbol is Q1 or Qc. CO term is normally used in heart physiology. We can define the Co as the amount of blood pumping in the heart, in the right and left ventricle per unit time.

CO Full Form is Cobalt

CO meaning is Cobalt. It is a chemical element in nature and its atomic number is 27. It has various appearance specifications some of them are a hard, lustrous, free element, produced by reductive smelting, and silver-grey metal.

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CO Full Form is a Correctional officer

CO long-form is a Correctional officer. It is also known as a prison officer and this person is responsible for the safe custody of prisoners.

CO Full Form is Commanding Officer

CO definition is Commanding Officer. It is a person in command in any military unit.

CO Full Form is Carbon Monoxide

CO stands for Carbon Monoxide. It is also known by other names like Carbon monoxide, Carbonous oxide, Carbon(II) oxide, Carbonyl, Flue gas, and Monoxide. It is lightly dense than normal air and it is odourless, flammable, and colourless gas.

CO Full Form is Contracting Officer

CO definition is the Contracting Officer. It is commonly abbreviated as “KO” because CO is normally used in the military perspective for Commanding officers. The Head of any department delegated his authority to the Contracting Officer. This term is used in the United States of America federal departments for contract procedures.

CO Full Form is Central Office

CO meaning is Central Office. It is also known as a telephone exchange and telephone switch. It is a centralized department in a public switched telephone network in any city or large company. CO connects to call of callers with each other electronically.

CO Full Form is Circle Officer

CO definition is Circle Officer. It is the rank of a police officer in various Indian states of Rajasthan, Bihar, UP, etc. It is equivalent to the ACP or DSP. They are selected directly or by promotion.

CO Full Form is Commitment Ordering

CO meaning is Commitment ordering. It is a category of interoperable serializability methods in transaction processing, concurrency control of databases, and related software systems.

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CO Airline Code of Continental Airlines

The Airline Code of Continental Airlines is CO. It is the main airline in the United States of America and its headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. It was established in 1934 and merged with United Airlines in 2012 and ceased operation as Continental Airlines.

CO Postal Code of Colchester

Colchester postal code of CO. Colchester is the marketplace of the county of Essex, England, United Kingdom.

CO Full Form is Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

CO meaning is Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. It is also abbreviated as C&O and it is the railroad formed in 1869 in Virginia, USA.

CO is the IATA Code of Cobalt Air

IATA Airline Code of Cobalt Air. Cobalt Air was a Cypriot airline established in 2015 and start operation in 2016. Its headquarters is located in Nicosia based out of Larnaca International Airport. It ceased its operation in 2018.

CO Full Form is Castres Olympique

CO definition is Castres Olympique. It is the French rugby club established in 1906 in the area of the Occitanian city of Castres.

CO Full Form is a Certificate of Occupancy

CO stands for Certificate of occupancy. It is the document issued by the concerned agency for the suitability of occupancy of any building for various purposes or change the usage of this building.

CO Full Form is a Certificate of Origin

CO meaning is Certificate of Origin. It is also abbreviated as abbreviated to C/O, or DOO. This certificate is prepared by the manufacturer or exporters for any product. This document is used for international trade.

CO Language Code of Corsican Language

CO is the ISO language code of the Corsican language. Its full name is lingua Corsa and belongs to the Romance language. This language is native to France and Italy. It is used in the Corsica and Sardinia regions.

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