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DTSI Full Form

DTSI Full Form
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DTSI Full Form is Digital Twin Spark Ignition

DTSI stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. It is a trademark of Indian based auto company known as Bajaj Auto. This company holds an Indian patent for the technology. This is a concept developed specifically for small bore four stroke engines with two valves. The Two spark plugs at either end of the combustion chamber in 90 degrees that helps faster and better combustion in DTSi technology. These two spark plugs produce sparks during power strokes.

In this technology, the specific fuel consumption is less due to the DTSi technology. So that it offers better mileage average than other vehicles. DTSi technology have some benefits like it helps to prevent the engine for overheating so that you can go long rides without any problem. Moreover, the engine’s thermal efficiency is much higher than other engines based on other technology.

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