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SCOD Full Form

SCOD Full Form
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SCOD Full Form is Scheduled Commercial Operation Date

SCOD stands for Scheduled Commercial Operation Date.  These date(s) belongs to the commercial operation of a generation or transmission project. It worked as mentioned in the investment approval or as agreed in the power purchase agreement or transmission service agreement as the case may be, whichever is earlier.

SCOD Full Form is Static Close Out Date

SCOD long-form is Static Close Out Date. This term is used in US Air Force for the evaluation of the annual reports of officers from the rank of O-1 to O-6. So singular due dates per rank are known as “static closeout dates.”

SCOD Full Form is South Coast One Design

SCOD definition is South Coast One Design. This yachting club was established in 1954 by Nicholson Charles.

Some other SCOD Full Forms are given below:

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Soluble Chemical Oxygen DemandChemistry
Scottish Council on DeafnessRegional Organizations
Study Commission on DoctrineResearch & Development
Sustainable Cooperative for Organic DevelopmentNews
SCOD Full Form

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