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What is MI Full Form

MI Full Form
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MI Full Form is Mumbai Indians

MI stands for Mumbai Indians. It is a franchise cricket team of the Indian Premier League (IPL). This team was established in 2008 and its colour is blue. It belongs to the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Reliance Industries are the owner of this team. MI is under the 100% owned subsidiary named India Win Sports. The home ground of this team is Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and this team played all its home matches in this stadium.

MI Full Form is Mission Impossible

MI long-form is Mission Impossible. It is one of the earliest American TV series launched in 1966. Bruce Geller was the founder of this series. MI is based on an action and spy series. It consists of seven sessions with 171 episodes and its running time was 50 minutes.

MI Full Form is Market Intelligence

MI meaning is Market intelligence. It is the information relevant to a company’s market trends, customer monitoring, and competitor gathered and analysed. Various companies gather information regarding the market trends, customer values, customer preferences, and information regarding their competitors.

MI Full Form is Measurement Incorporated

MI definition is Measurement Incorporated. It is an educational testing company established in 1980 in Durham, North Carolina, the United States of America. Dr. Henry H. Scherich has formed this organization. It offers its products to its customers like PEG Writing, PEG Writing Scholar, and Utah Compose.

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MI Full Form is Military Intelligence

We can define MI as Military Intelligence. It is the branch of any military used to collect information. Military Intelligence also analyzes them that is later used by field commanders. The domain of military intelligence is broader in nature now that included various aspects like peacetime, strategy, tactical, period of transition of war, during the war, etc.

MI other Full Forms

MI Stands ForMonsters, Inc.Media
MI Long FormMaison IkkokuBook
MI MeaningMonkey Island seriesComputer Game
MI DefinitionMicronutrient InitiativeMedical Organization
Define MIMilitia ImmaculataReligious Organizations
MI Stands ForMillennia InstituteUniversities and Institutions
MI Long FormMood IndigoFestivals and Events
MI MeaningMountaineering IrelandSocieties and Clubs
MI DefinitionMechanical Index
Myocardial Infarction
Define MIMental Illness
Motivational Interviewing
Multiple Intelligence
MI stands forMachine InterfaceComputer Hardware
MI meaningMobile InternetTelecommunication
MI long formMultiple InheritancePrgramming & Development
MI definitionMathematical Induction
Mutual information
Define MIMalleable IronMaterial Science
MI long formMoment of InertiaPhysics
MI meaning Machine IntelligenceComputer
MI definitionMedia IndonesiaNewspapers
MI Full Form

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