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OK Full Form

OK Full Form
OK Full Form
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OK Full Form is Oll Korrect / Olla Kalla / Objection Killed

We all use a common work OK to express our approval, agreement, acceptance, and acknowledgment. Ok, a word can be spelled in various forms in the world like OK, O.K., and Okay. The word OK full form is different on every source like Olla Kalla, Oll Korrect, and Objection Killed all full forms are available and used. It’s an American English word and it’s commonly used in chat. As we know that it’s one of the most commonly spoken words in the English language and its also known as a loan word in our language. So that the origin of this word is disputed in the world.

Ok Full Form is Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the state of the United States of America in the region of south-central. Oklahoma City is its capital and largest city. In USA residents of Oklahoma are known as Oklahomans. This state is sharing his borders with the following states:

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  • Texas on south and west
  • Kansas on north
  • Missouri on the northeast
  • Arkansas on the east
  • New Mexico on the west
  • Colorado on the northwest

This state is also called with his nicknames like Land of the Red Man, Native state, and Sooner State. It’s producing oil and gas, agricultural products. This state’s economy is also focused on the telecom, biotechnology, energy, and aviation industries. Mainly two cities Oklahoma City and Tulsa are playing as economic hubs in the state.

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Ok Full Form is Old Kinderhook

Old Kinderhook is the nickname of USA eighth president Martin Van Buren and he was the founder of the Democratic Party. His mother tongue was Dutch. He was served as a president of the USA in 1837-1841 and he is the first president of the USA who declared the English language as a second language. He was served in USA on the following posts before the president of USA:

  • The ninth governor of New York
  • The tenth United States secretary of state
  • The eighth vice president of the United States.

Ok is Prefix of Czech Airlines

OK is the prefix of Czech Airlines aircraft registration. Czech Airlines is the flag carrier of Czech republic. Ok Plus is the product of Czech Airlines for frequent flyers. Smartwings bought the 97.74% Czech Airlines in 2018. Czech Airlines is one the 5th oldest airlines in the world who are still operating.

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