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Full Form Of ATM

Full Form Of ATM
Full Form Of ATM
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Full Form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine

Automated Teller Machine stands for ATM is an electronic device used for financial transactions like cash withdrawal, fund transfer, balance inquiry, mini statement up to last 10 transactions, and payment of utility bills. This device enables the availability of any bank for 24 days and 7 days a week. It has various names in different countries like in the USA called automatic teller machine (ATM) and many times called ATM machine. In Canada, this machine is known as Automated Banking Machine (ABM). In the UK its called cash machine, cashpoint or cash corner is also used many times.

Full Form of ATM is Air Traffic Management

Air Traffic Management is the term of aviation discipline and it covers all the services and tools used for the control of airspace and aircraft in the area. The modern ATM is forcing on the efficient use of these services for the aircraft to change his airspace from airspace to the other airspace.

Full Form of ATM is Altamira Airport

Altamira Airport is the Brazilian public airport operated by the Ifraero (Brazilian Govt corporation). This airport is located 7 KM away from the downtown of Altamira.

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Full Form of ATM is Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

Angkatan Tentera Malaysia in the English language its called the Malaysian Armed Forces. So that Malaysian Armed Forces consist of three major forces like Army, Navy, and Air Force. Malaysian army’s official name is the Malaysian Army, Malaysian Air Force official name is Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Malaysian Navy’s official name is Royal Malaysian Navy. Malaysia has been signed a Five Power Defence agreement between Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. Armed forces of Malaysia have not faced any foreign aggressor after Word War II.

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Full Form of ATM is Anti-Tank Missile

Anti Tank Missile is designed to hit and destroy heavily armoured vehicles. There are different types of Anti Tank Missiles like Anti Tank Guided Missiles (ATGM), Anti Tank Guided Weapon, Anti Armor Guided weapon. Anti Tank Missiles can be classified as per their launching method because ATM can be launched from shoulder of single soldier, can be mount on tank and aircraft. These missiles can also be launched from tripod. Anti Tank Missiles range depend on their size.

Full Form of ATM is the Association of Teachers of Mathematics

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics was established in 1950 by the Caleb Gattegno. This is a non-profit organization registered under the law of charity and it is a membership organization. This organization is serving in the UK and the rest of the world. The purpose of this association is to develop the interest of mathematicians and to solve their problems.

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Full Form of ATM is Asynchronous Transfer Mode

Asynchronous transfer mode is the telecommunication standard and this standard was developed in 1980 by the ANSI and ITU. This standard was designed to carry user traffic like data, voice, and video. ATM was defined for networks that must use both high-throughput data traffic and low-latency, real-time content such as voice and video is required.

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