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Invoice Short Form

Invoice Short Form
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Invoice Short Form

The invoice short form is INV.

An invoice is a document sent from a seller to a buyer, detailing the products and services sold, the quantities of each product sold, the prices of the products, and the total amount due. The invoice is a record of the sale of goods or services of a business organization or a professional person. An invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer that states the products and services sold, their price, quantity, and other details.

For most businesses and organizations an invoice is an important document. A seller sends an invoice to a buyer. The seller usually provides the buyer with a copy of the invoice. The buyer then pays the price listed on the invoice. Some of the items in an invoice are the name of the buyer, date, invoice number, buyer contact details, price, total amount, description, the amount paid, quantity, and amount due. The total is the price of the goods or services sold. The amount is the total price of the goods and services. Amount due is the amount still owed by the buyer even though the goods and services have been purchased.

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