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What is Thursday Short Form

Thursday short form
Thursday short form and short form of Thursday
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Thursday Short Form is Thu

Short Form on Thursday is Thu. Thursday is the fourth day of the week by the international standard ISO weekdays standard. Countries where the week starts from Sunday there is Thursday is the fifth day of the week. The countries where Friday is the weekly holiday there is Thursday is the sixth day of the week.

The name of Thursday is derived from Old English Þūnresdæg and Middle English Thuresday and this is called “Thor’s Day”. In Roman times, most of the name was derived from the names of the Roman times gods. So that Thursday is also called Jupiter’s Day and it is also known as Iovis Dies.

Importance of Thursday in Culture and Religion

In Islam Thursday is very important day because it comes before the Friday which is very important day in week. Muslims have options to do fasting according to the sayings of last Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). There are lot of Hadith of last Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) regarding the fasting of Thursday.

Holy Thursday is celebrated in Christianity and it the Thursday that comes before Easter. In the United Kingdom, it is also known as Sheer Thursday. It is the day on which the last Super occurred. One more Thursday is celebrated in this religion that is occurred after the 40 days of Easter that is known as Ascension Thursday.

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Events Occurred on Thursday

There are lots of events that occurred on Thursday in different countries and regions. Some of them are given below

  • Teacher’s Day in Buddhist Thailand
  • Thanksgiving Day celebrated in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November every year
  • In Australia, all cinema movies premiers occurred on the Thursday
  • UK elections since 1935 held on Thursday it becomes the tradition but not a law.

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