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What is Sunday Short Form

Sunday Short Form
Sunday Short Form
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Sunday Short Form is Sun

Sunday short form is Sun. Sunday is the day of the week and it is the seventh day of the week. It comes between the Saturday and Monday as per international standard (ISO).

In most European countries, Sunday is the rest day of the week, and it is also part of the weekend. In most of the eastern countries like Israel, Sunday is the weekday. In most of the old calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week. Sunday is the second day of the week in the Persian calendar. Because it is called “number one” as counting starts from zero. The first day – Saturday – is represented as 00.

The name Sunday is also called “Day of the Sun”. It is derived in English before 1250 from the word sunedai. Which itself developed from Old English Sunnandæg (literally meaning “sun’s day”). In Christianity, Sunday is the worship day and rest day.

Sunday Named Days

  • Advent Sunday
  • Black Sunday
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Cold Sunday
  • Easter Sunday
  • Gaudete Sunday
  • Gloomy Sunday
  • Good Shepherd Sunday
  • Laetare Sunday
  • Low Sunday
  • Passion Sunday
  • Palm Sunday
  • Selection Sunday
  • Shavuot is the Jewish Pentecost, or ‘Festival of Weeks’.
  • Stir-up Sunday
  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Trinity Sunday
  • Whitsunday “White Sunday”

Sunday in Culture and Traditions

In Christianity, Sunday is associated with the Sun because the Sun was a source of life, giving illumination and warmth to mankind. So that it is declared as the worship day. Christians all over the world follow the services on Sunday as thanksgivings prayers. Sunday is also called Lord’s day in Christianity.

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Most of the government and private offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday in Canada and the USA under the blue law. These offices are closed both in urban and rural areas. In most of the European and South American countries elections are held on a Sunday because in some countries it is traditions and in some countries, it is by law.

In the USA major leagues of baseball are held on Sunday on a day and night basis. Most of the professional football leagues are also played on a Sunday. Some clubs or premier leagues of football are played on Sunday in the United Kingdom. Most of the Rugby matches are also played on Sunday in the club grounds or in parks.

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