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Boston Naming Test Short Form

Boston Naming Test Short Form
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Boston Naming Test Short Form

Boston Naming Test short form is BNT. It is An empirically derived short form of the Boston Naming Test. 

What is the Boston Naming Test?

Boston Naming Test is a way of assessing a patient’s ability to name objects. BNT is often used to help diagnose cognitive issues, including aphasia. It is a diagnostic test for naming objects in the world. The test consists of a sheet with several objects written on it. Depending on the individual’s condition, the patient is instructed to count the number of objects on the sheet, name as many as they can, or read as many as possible—effects of age, education, and living environment on Boston Naming Test performance. 

Boston Naming Test Description

Boston Naming tests 2nd edition and three (BNT-3) have three authors named as Kaplan, Edith Goodglass, Harold Weintraub, and Sandra. The Boston Naming tests consist of 60 white lines drawing objects and measuring patients with dysnomia to use high-frequency objects. The results indicate that a person has a higher difficulty naming objects. So instead of a simple classification of them, the difficulty is placed on a continuum.

What does Boston Naming Test measure?

Boston Naming Test measures a person’s ability to name everyday objects. It is a measure of a person’s short-term memory. The patient is asked to name common objects on cards one by one and is scored based on how many words they could say. It assesses the naming abilities of children, normal adults, and aphasic adults.

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Boston Naming Test Results

Pilot Study results: Index of item difficulty of items (P – ) and item differentiation of items ( R – Difficulty index shows that answers to the items can be correctly answered, while distinctiveness index demonstrates how successfully items distinguish desired properties.

Boston Naming Test FaQs

What is Boston Naming Test used for?

Boston Naming Tests are screening techniques used to assess brain function. The tests usually take several forms to determine whether someone has Alzheimer’s or other mental health conditions. Among its authors is Sandra Weintraub.

Is the Boston naming test valid?

The Boston Naming Test (BNT) is the earliest used tool for visual identification abilities in the literature (Caplan, Goodglass, and Weintraub, 1983). It is highly reliable and has been compared with other books.

How long is the Boston Naming Test?

It is based upon picture tests and assesses adjectives’ names. It was first published in 2001 by Kaplan. The short forms for BNR Second Edition take roughly 15 minutes to prepare and include 15 items. The individual shown pictures must name the picture and then name the item.

What does confrontational naming assess?

Confrontation naming tests evaluate the ability of the reader to locate different categories of words.

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